It’s an exciting day, Friends!

Wanna know why?

It's my birthday!Source

I’m definitely NOT one of those people that likes to hide the fact it’s their birthday, so I of course have to announce it to you, Blog World 😉

I usually try to keep my birthdays as long a celebration as possible, but I’m keeping it fairly low-key this year. I’m working today, then this evening I have a dinner and a walk date planned with the boyfriend. Sunday I’ll be enjoying a delicious buffet breakfast with my parents and grandparents before potentially hitting one of the local mountains for some snowboarding. I haven’t decided between that and spending the rest of the day in cozy pajamas yet.

At first I thought about creating a birthday-themed workout to share today, but I really just wanted to stick with the regular workout I had planned so I can keep working at getting my numbers up. And I figured if I wasn’t even going to do the workout myself, I probably shouldn’t share it (I did however perform a set of 26 moderate-weight back squats after 5 sets of heavy squats!).

Then I thought about doing a “26 Things I’ve Learned in 26 Years” posts. This seems to be a popular topic among bloggers on their birthdays, but when I sat down to think about it I realized I had far too much I wanted to share. And this is a blog, not a novel 😉

SO what I thought I would do instead, is create a list of things I hope to learn in my next 26 years. My hope is that by putting this out to the world I’ll continuously work to learn these things, and who knows, maybe I’ll even inspire you to learn a thing or two!

So in no particular order, here are 26 things I would like to learn by the time I turn the golden age of 52.

26 Things I'd Like to Learn During My Next 26 Years

1. How to speak another language. I’ve never been big in the linguistics department. “Je n’aime pas le pizza deluxe” is the extent of my French, and up until December when I went to Mexico the only things I could say were “hello”, “bathroom”, and “beer”.

2. How to code. This could technically fall into the “speak another language” category, because I feel like as we progress through this digital age having an understanding of the language of computers is going to become increasingly important!

3. How to perform the Functional Movement Screen & select the appropriate corrective exercises. This is something I’m going to tackle this year and am really looking forward to it. Say what you want about it, it’s a widely practiced assessment tool that will make communicating with other health professionals a little easier!

4. Why we choose not to do the things we know are good for us. I know that when you peel the layers of a person’s behaviour away there are SO many different underlying causes, but I’d really like to have a greater understanding of the psychology of resistance.

5. How to cook gourmet-chef style. None of this “throw some spices on some meat and roast it until it’s completely dead” business. I’d love to attend some cooking classes that teach you how to put together a full dinner spread.

6. How to ski. This is slightly terrifying because of the number of injuries I sustained while learning to snowboard. Hello broken ribs and cracked tailbone! However since beer and Fireball won’t be in the equation this time around, hopefully there will be less broken bones 😉

7. How to play “Dazed & Confused” by Led Zeppelin on the drums. In my former life I was a drummer, and I spent many an afternoon air-drumming this song wishing I could rock it like John Bonham. It’ll take a few years of getting back into playing, so I should probably get on that…

8. How to teach Turbo Kick. I used to LOVE Turbo classes, and I think it would be so much fun to be an instructor!

9. How to travel. I know this seems stupid, but it completely baffles me how people can go to a country where they don’t speak the native language and go on all these wild and crazy adventures sans tour group, with just a backpack. I would love to be that adventurous.

10. How to play euchre. Every time I get together with my boyfriend’s family they play this game and I’m in way over my head. I’d one day like to move from “silent observer” to “ass-kicking participant” 😉

11. How to use my camera. I know this seems like a simple task and doesn’t warrant a spot on an exciting list like this, but I’ve had the thing for three years and have yet to learn how to use all the settings. Maybe within the next three years I’ll get it…

12. How to swim using a technique other than front crawl. This might happen this year, it might not. In my quest to be able to swim 1500m without drowning this year, I don’t know if I should overwhelm myself with learning new strokes. But now that I type this, I realize I should really get my butt back in the pool…

13. How to pole dance. Enough said.

14. How to decorate an apartment. Ideally I’d like to learn this before I move into my new condo in a few years. I don’t need to become some master interior designer, but I’d prefer my new apartment not look like the 70’s threw up all over Ikea like my current apartment does.

15. How to navigate the world of investments. I know there are people to do that for you, but it would be helpful if I knew what they were saying. And I have a feeling the guy who currently handles mine doesn’t even know what he’s saying.

16. How to start a fire. Not like arson, but like a bonfire-fire. I embarrassed myself with my pathetic backyard fires during my trailer days and I need redemption.

17. How to do taxes, both personal and small business. Or at least how to use the software that does it for you.

18. Massage therapy. I think it would be a nice addition to personal training services. I have no desire to become an RMT, but even if I could learn how to give my quads and calves some proper TLC I’d be a happy camper.

19. How to whistle.

20. How to snap. …Seriously.

21. Self defense. I can run fast and I can kick hard, but can I ward off a zombie or a rapist? Hopefully I’ll never have to learn the answer, but I’d like to know how to do so just in case.

22. The ins and outs of hormones. I have a pretty solid understanding of a few hormones, and a basic understanding of many others, but I’d really like to do some solid research on these guys who try to make my life so miserable.

23. How to determine what’s wrong with a car if it dies. Or at least figure out who to call. I’ve been spending more time on the road lately and I’ve realized I have absolutely no idea what I would do if the car died. This is something I should probably tackle sooner rather than later…

24. Slightly more than basic graphic design. I really don’t have an eye for this stuff, but some of you create beautiful graphics for your blogs and social media, and I want to get to that level!

25. Pre- and post-natal fitness. I’d love to be able to help mommies-to-be and new mommies continue their regular level of badassness all through their pregnancy. However I have to admit being pregnant seems badass in and of itself and is a level far beyond what I think I could handle.

26. How to put my plans for world domination into action. This might seem kind of vague, but trust me, I know what I want to do. I just need to figure out how I’m going to do it 😉

So there you have it! 26 things I would like to learn during my next 26 years. I’ve always been on a quest for knowledge, but I really want to start branching that knowledge beyond health, fitness, and science-y things. At least a little bit 😉

So Readers, anything on your “learning bucket list” you’d like to share? Do you know of anything ultra-fantastic I should add to my own list? When it’s your birthday do you feel the need to have some sort of theme that goes along with the number of years you’ve been alive?

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  • Leslie

    Happy birthday! For a friends bachelorette party we learned some pole dancing. It was really fun! I don’t know how to whistle either. I’m stopping by from the FB group to say hi. I hope you have an amazing birthday!

    • Ariana

      Thank you!! 🙂 And thanks for stopping by! Pole dancing seems like a ton of fun…I’m glad you enjoyed it!!

  • Kirstie

    Happy Birthday 🙂 You can do pole dancing as a fundraiser too! I went one year to an event (I think $40/ticket) and the money went to charity while you got an hour pole dancing lesson…it looks hard – it is actually even harder 😉

    • Ariana

      Oh that’s awesome!! Maybe an idea for an upcoming Fit Chick Frolic?? 😉

      My amazing friend Jenne teaches pole at Tantra in Gastown on Monday nights. I train at the same time she teaches right now, but if I’m ever able to start going and you want to come with let me know!

  • jess meddows

    Happy birthday Ariana! The drums are on my list for this year when we finish traveling and get back to Australia 🙂

    • Ariana

      Thank you! And drums AND Australia??? Sounds like an amazing year!! Whereabouts are you going??

  • Farrah

    Happy birthday! <3

    I am all for #13! <3 It's supersuper fun! I hope you find an awesome place to learn! 😀 I so miss the studio I was taking lessons at. :[ It was basically my second home several summers ago (before I moved across the country for higher education :'( ).

    #21 and #23 would also be all sorts of useful! <3

    • Ariana

      Thank you! <3

      My awesome friend is an instructor and she really loves her studio so I would like to try them out. Have you found a suitable alternative for where you're currently living?

      It's all about becoming an independent woman, right? 😉

  • Reply

    Why we choose not to do the things we know are good for us — ME. I know how to be healthy and do things that will lead to less stress, but do I do these things? Of course not. And I don’t know why!

    How to travel. — YES. I totally get you. I want to travel the world for at least a year.. and I see people who do this all the time, and go to these amazing places and have amazing experiences.. but I don’t know how they do it so effortlessly! How do they fund it? How do they find where to stay and what to do? How do they make this their life? I totally want to figure this all out, too.

    In reply to your hormone-based one– do you have a hormone imbalance/disorder/what have you? If you don’t mind me asking. I’m making an appt to see an endocrinologist because there’s something going on with me, and all roads lead to hormone imbalance (like my momma).

    I love this post! I wanted to do a 27 things I learned in the last 27 years (in April), but I really love this idea. It’s different & awesome! If I decide to do something similar, I’ll be sure to link back to your post 😉

    • Ariana

      Thanks for your response! I’m glad there are at least a few people that have similar wonderings as myself 🙂 If I learn about travelling in the near future I promise I will pass that information along to you!

      With regards to the hormones, there’s certainly something going on but I haven’t been diagnosed with any specific hormonal imbalance. I went off birth control in July after being on it for about 12 years and I’ve been all sorts of crazy ever since haha. I’ve tried a few natural approaches, but I haven’t really been consistent with anything so I haven’t seen much success. I guess this goes back to why am I not doing the things I know are good for me? 😛 If you’re comfortable with it, please feel free to share what you discover with me and I’ll do the same for you!

  • iIndiraIndira

    i just saw your list ;)))) it just shows what an extraordinary person you are !!! Good luck on all your quests ….

    • Ariana

      You are way too nice!! Thank you! <3

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