Do you ever find yourself in a motivational rut? Or do you wake up feeling uninspired to tackle anything that’s on your list for the day?

In the world of fitness, our typical go-tos for boosting motivation leave us feeling inadequate and sorry for ourselves because we don’t look like those fitspo models or haven’t been able to muster up the energy to cook our food for the week the way those #MealPrepMonday bosses do.

Countless individuals turn to social media to search for that motivational high, that one quote or that one image that will propel them into action. And yet that’s the last place we should be going.

Scrolling through Instagram and Facebook tends to do nothing for your self-worth. I know, because I’ve walked away from an hour of mindless tapping and swiping up and down feeling like a big failure. I don’t have a shredded six pack, I don’t work from my lap top beside a crystal clear beach, and some days I eat cereal for lunch. I went to get inspired to do something good for myself, and yet by the end of it all I wanted to do was hide under a blanket and sleep.

So how can we inspire ourselves without too much mental energy? Where can we glean the motivation to begin doing those things that deep down we want to accomplish, but on the surface we just can’t bring forth the effort?

Listen to TED Talks that inspire you.

One of my favourite ways to give myself a motivational kick in the pants is to listen to a TED Talk. It’s perfect because A) I can still lie on the couch or the floor while I listen, and B) it doesn’t lead to the comparison-syndrome we fall prey to when we turn to social media.

Occasionally I’ll pop one on while I do the dishes, while I’m driving, and even during my long indoor trainer rides (because it’s not acceptable to blast drum&bass in your apartment at 6am).

I’ve made a commitment to myself that if I REALLY feel like I have to skip out on a workout that I’ll still do something good for myself, like journalling or reading something inspiring. Listening to a TED Talk has been my new fav good-for-me activity, and more often than not it gets my butt moving.

While there are literally thousands you can choose from, I’ve rounded up 7 of my favourite TED Talks that inspire me in some way or another. The talks I’ve selected range from 9 to 26 minutes, so you can pick and choose based on how much “inspire me!” time you have.

The Skill of Self Confidence, Dr. Ivan Joseph (13:20)

The Power of Zero Tolerance, Isabelle Mercier (20:05)

All it Takes is Ten Mindful Minutes, Andy Puddicombe (9:24)

Programming Your Mind for Success, Carrie Green (15:31)

The Art of Being Yourself, Caroline McHugh (26:23)

The Secret of Becoming Mentally Strong, Amy Morin (15:01)

The Power of Vulnerability, Brene Brown (20:49)

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TED talks that inspire

What do you do when you’re lacking motivation? Any favourite TED Talks you want to share with me?

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