Changing course is a regular part of your life. You might decide you want to drive a different route to avoid traffic. You might decide to hit the gym today and go for a run tomorrow to avoid the rain. And you might decide that today is just one of those days where the chores can wait, and instead you’ll spend time with your loved ones.

Being flexible makes our lives easier. Being able to adapt to different situations quickly is one of the benefits of having our evolved human brains.

But what about those times when changing course is scary? When you’ve invested time, effort, and even money into a certain outcome that’s no longer in alignment with what you really want?

Admitting to yourself you made the wrong choice in the first place can be hard. I don’t know about you, but I don’t really enjoy being wrong 😉

But what many struggle with even more is admitting to OTHERS that it’s time to take a new direction. When you’ve had a cheering squad behind you supporting your every move, it’s understandable to not want to disappoint them.

But continuing to do things just because it makes someone else happy sets you up for feelings of resentment, and not living your life in a way that’s aligned with your true purpose and values kind of sucks.

Fortunately, it doesn’t have to be that way!

First, admit to yourself you made the wrong choice.

And while we’re at it, let’s re-word that. Was it really the wrong choice? Or was it the right choice when you made it, and now that things have changed it’s no longer serving you?

Instead of beating yourself up for “wasting” all this time, money, and effort, look for the positives. What did you learn on that journey? Are those shoes you bought for the 10k run you no longer want to do super comfy? Did you learn something new about yourself in your yoga practice you stuck with but really didn’t like?

If you look closely, there’s always positives to be found! ✨

Next, admit to others you’re changing course.

Before you talk to your loved ones, do a little internal work first. Remind yourself that while it’s okay to value the opinion of others, at the end of the day, YOUR opinion matters most. YOU are the one that has to live with the choices you make, and if a choice is no longer serving you, it’s time to let it go.

When you start this discussion, let your loved ones know you’ve appreciated their support while you worked towards goal X, but you’ve discovered that it’s no longer true to what you really want. So now you’re either going to work towards goal Y, or take some time to learn what you really want.

This conversation can be uncomfortable and a little scary – there’s no doubt about it. But chances are, if your loved ones have supported you up to this point, they’ll be happy you’re following what makes you really happy!

Finally, have a system in place for setting goals that EXCITE you and INSPIRE you.

I spent years having shiny object syndrome when it came to new fitness goals I wanted to tackle. I wanted to be a boxer. I wanted to be a yogi. I wanted to be a powerlifter. I wanted to be a bodybuilder.

These are all great things, and I still think they’d be super cool. But they aren’t in alignment with what I really want in my life.

They don’t include the endorphin rush I love from long bike rides and runs. With the exception of yoga, they don’t allow me to enjoy training outdoors. And when I think about chasing those goals, they don’t light that little fire in my belly that excites me but also kind of terrifies me like the idea of an Ironman does.

Thankfully, I have a system in place that helps me check in with myself when the next bright shiny object appears. It allows me to figure out if that new thing is REALLY what I want, before I put the time, effort, and money into chasing it.

I have a way of getting super freakin’ excited about the goals I work towards, and a strategy for maintaining the motivation even when I’m not working towards a big race or event.

It’s a system that has allowed me to overcome 10 years of alcohol abuse, go after my dream of becoming a personal trainer, build my own business, and quit my safe j-o-b.

It’s a system I use to help women overcome emotional eating patterns, train for their first and their fastest half marathons, drop inches and pounds, and rekindle their love lives with themselves.

And I’ll be sharing this strategy, along with how to implement it and set yourself up for success so hard it’s GUARANTEED you’ll succeed, in a free live workshop on Friday, June 24 at 10am PST, 1pm EST.

changing courseDuring this free workshop, you will:

• Learn how to set a goal that’s not just SMART, but EXCITING.

• Gain the tools that will set you up for success in the long-term, allowing you to crush goal after goal and stay motivated when there’s no big deadline.

• Discover how to uncover the blocks that are keeping you stuck and how to work through them, so you can stop getting in your own way and achieve the success you deserve.

• Watch the whole process go down with goals from 3 lucky viewers.

I’m SO excited to drop this knowledge on you on Friday. I love kickin’ the weekend off with a mind-blowing goal party. 🎉

Want in? You can register right here.

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  • Andy Atari

    Hey Ariana! I fully agree with you when it comes to admitting you made the wrong choice. I read somewhere that where we are is where we are really meant to be, so where you were when you made that wrong choice was where you were meant to be . Perhaps it was meant to teach you a lesson, or perhaps you weren’t ready for the choice that’s popping up now. When you accept that, it’s way much easier to admit you were wrong and that it’s time to change your direction.

    • Ariana

      Yes Andy, so agree! Where are always exactly where we need to be.

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