You know exercise is one of those things you "should" be doing, but you just can't seem to muster up the motivation to stay consistent with it.

It’s strange, because you see all these women going for runs or hittin’ the gym, and you want that for yourself. You WANT to be active.

But even though your inner athlete is screaming to be let out, you find yourself thinking about exercise instead of actually doing any of it.

You’ve got high expectations for yourself. There’s a lot you want to accomplish, and you know that if you could just get your shit together and start taking better care of yourself, that you’d be able to get it all done.

So you buy the gym memberships. You join the running clubs. You try to do the at-home plans.

But nothing sticks.

And those feelings of disappointment that follow?

Those thoughts of “I should be able to do better than this”?

They suck.

Living in a constant state of comparison – looking at that healthy, active woman you want to be and wondering why you can’t get yourself there.

It’s not a fun space to be in.

I get it. I really do.

I get it, because I've been there.

Growing up, I was a competitive dancer and figure skater. I spent early mornings on the ice and weekends in the studio. I lived for the competitions, the performances, and the movement.

(I even had a short stint on the high school field hockey team. I was so bad I got benched for every single game, but I loved running around the field and doing burpees during the practices.)

But somewhere along the way, I lost myself.

Partying took precedence over performance. Early morning practices became a no-go because I was trying to recover from the night before. I lost my drive, my motivation, and my passion.

Years later, I looked in the mirror and hated what I saw. A girl who was much heavier than her tiny frame should have been. A girl who had stopped taking care of herself long ago. A girl who had just stopped caring.

Long story short, I committed to re-connecting with my inner athlete and discovering what She looked like in my later life, and once I found her, I made it my mission to help others connect with theirs.

Why Do I Care So Much?

Because I believe that if we want to do great things in life, we first need to look out for number one (that’s You!).

When we’re well taken care of and we feel good, we do good things.

We’re better parents. We’re nicer to strangers. We perform better at our jobs, and we’re better-equipped to handle all of life’s stressors.

Ready to get started?

The Daily Sweat Society is an inclusive community for women who are struggling to make physical activity a part of their lives, and can’t seem to make any of their healthy habits stick.

Are you a former athlete who’s become inactive later in life? Were you once passionate about moving your body on a daily basis, but somewhere along the way life happened and that movement stopped? Or maybe you’re a high-achiever who’s rocking every area of your life except your health. If so, The Daily Sweat Society is for you.

Through this powerful community, targeted coaching, and conscious action, you’ll achieve that transformation of becoming your active self again.

As a member of The Daily Sweat Society, you’ll become part of a strong and supportive Sisterhood. You can think of it as a Sweaty Mastermind!

The Weekly Group Huddles will encourage you to look within so you can learn why you haven’t been as consistent as you want (spoiler alert: it’s not because you’re lazy!). You’ll be able to combine this self-awareness with science-backed fitness, nutrition, and psychology strategies to help you create that healthy lifestyle you crave.

Your Coach (that’s me!) and your fellow Society Members will hold you accountable every step of the way.

The Daily Sweat Society is 100% online, so you can join from anywhere in the world.

Each week you’ll “meet” with your Coach and fellow Society Members via Zoom, for a 45-minute educational group coaching call. This is where the magic really happens!

Not only will you learn about new strategies that can boost your consistency and amplify your health, but you’ll also get to connect voice-to-voice with the community, creating greater connection and accountability.

What Else Do You Get With Your Membership to The Daily Sweat Society?

💦 Quarterly 30-minute Get Honest Call with your Coach (that’s me!). Use this one-on-one time for customized support and implementation strategies.

💦 Private Facebook Group. Connect with your Coach and fellow Society Members in between weekly calls. Ask questions, share recipes and workout selfies, and keep us updated on your progress.

💦 Weekly Stress-Free Bodyweight Workouts. Receive workouts delivered to your inbox every Sunday with recommendations on how to adapt them to your current fitness level.

💦 Delicious + Nutritious Recipes. Every week you’ll get my favourite healthy recipes that require zero kitchen prowess.

💦 Wellness Library. Gain access to the recording of all previous group calls as well as documents such as meal planning templates, workout calendars, and more, all in one convenient Dropbox folder.

Why Else Would You Want To Join The Daily Sweat Society?

💦  Find your motivation. Your mojo. Your spark.

💦 Finally get a sustainable solution. No more starting and stopping unrealistic programs. No giving up your favourite foods. No more feeling like you need to spend hours exercising each week. None of that nonsense.

💦 Train your brain to adopt a more positive, encouraging frame of mind. Create your own Coach between your ears!

💦 Build confidence in your body’s abilities and appearance. Achieve freedom from basing your worth solely on what you look like.

💦 Remind yourself how good it feels to move and discover what you’re truly capable of. 

What's Your Investment?

$60CAD per month, billed on a recurring basis.

Want extra one-on-one support? Additional one-on-one calls and increased access to me between calls can be added to create a lifestyle program suited entirely to your needs. 

Packages begin at $185 per month and include access to all of The Daily Sweat Society inclusions. 

Contact me to create your VIP experience today. 

Frequently Asked Questions

How is this different from other online fitness programs?
The Daily Sweat Society is different from other fitness programs, because it’s not really a fitness program! You can think of this as a monthly membership to the best health club ever – the members are awesomely supportive, you have a coach to ask questions whenever you need, and you get to learn something new every week!

While working out is a big part of The Daily Sweat Society (hence the “sweat” part), it’s definitely not the only part. You and I both know that the key to staying consistent is accountability, healthy habits, and most importantly, fun! All of which you’ll get from your membership in The Daily Sweat Society.

The primary difference between The Daily Sweat Society and many of the popular fitness programs you can purchase online is that you actually get to communicate with your Coach and fellow Society members each week through the Weekly Group Huddle, which is our live group coaching call.

No need to email support when you’re stuck and wait weeks for an answer. No need to scroll through Instagram and comment on someone’s post in the hopes for a supportive answer when you’re struggling. Your Coach and Community is right at your fingertips.

What’s included with the program?
Every Sunday at 3am PST you’ll receive an email that contains your workout for the week, a delicious recipe, and a tip to help you cut through all the noise and confusion that’s floating around the internet.

You’ll also be able to attend a live weekly 45-minute group coaching call with your Coach and fellow Society members. You can expect to learn some juicy new stuff, get totally inspired, and have the opportunity to share wins, get answers, and ask for support from your Coach.

On top of that, you’ll have access to the supportive Private Facebook Group to connect in between calls, access to the Accountabili-Buddy Program where you can be paired up with a fellow Society member for extra accountability, and quarterly 30-minute one-on-one calls with your Coach. Pretty sweet, right?

How much time will I need to invest each week?
It’s really up to you! The weekly calls will be approximately 45 minutes in length. The standard weekly workout I provide will be 20 minutes in length, however you’ll be given options for making it longer or shorter (I recommend doing this workout 3 times per week). I would also encourage you to spend at least one hour each week giving some thought to the topic that was covered in the call. You’ll occasionally be given little tidbits of homework or journal prompts, if that’s yo thang.

But at the end of the day, you don’t have to do all that. If you want to attend the calls and hang out in the Facebook group that’s cool. But remember – you get what you put in.

What will the workouts be like?
You’ll receive a standard 20-minute workout that will be mostly equipment-free (you might need something like a chair, a step, or a heavy book). The workouts will give you the greatest results in the least amount of time, focusing on full-body movements wherever possible, with a big emphasis on building a solid foundation of core strength.

Got access to gym equipment? Awesome! I’ll be providing suggestions on how to incorporate it into your workouts. Don’t have 20 minutes, or need something slightly easier? I’ll be providing suggestions on how to modify them.

And don’t worry – you’ll be directed to videos that show you how to do each of the movements.

I’ve never worked out before – can I still join?
The Daily Sweat Society is best for someone who has had some experience with exercise in the past. While things like walking, cycling, and swimming are great forms of physical activity when you’re brand new to exercise, the strength-based movements can be tricky if you have no experience with them. Click here to book a call to discuss a more suitable option for you.

I need specific workouts because of injuries – are these workouts customized?
The version of The Daily Sweat Society that you see here does not come with customizable workouts. I provide suggestions on how to make the workouts easier or more challenging, and how to incorporate equipment if you have access to it. But everyone receives the same programming.

If you’re looking for something customized, shoot me a message and we’ll get something created for you.

What’s your cancellation or refund policy?
If you don’t want to continue your membership with The Daily Sweat Society, I’ll be sorry to see you go but will make your transition as easy as possible. I require 30 days’ notice of cancellation, which means you’ll still have access to the Society and all the goodies within it for 30 days after you give your notice.

Not satisfied with your results? Program not living up to your expectations? I offer refunds on a case-by-case basis. All I ask is that you provide proof of having done the work. I want to know you’ve given the workouts a shot, that you’ve participated in the weekly calls, and that you’ve done the weekly homework.

I’ve struggled to follow-through on things like this in the past. How do I know I’ll be able to stick with this?
From this moment onwards, I want you to forget about attempts that haven’t gone as planned in the past. You’re a different person now than you were back then, and you’ll be a different person in a month’s time.

I’m not able to make guarantees about you sticking with the program, but I CAN guarantee that you have the ability to do so. You have the willpower, you have the resources, and you have a Coach and community that has your back.

We’re all wired for success. Sometimes we just need to learn new ways of tapping into that ability.

I don’t use PayPal/don’t have a credit card – how can I pay?
Shoot me an email at so we can set something up.

Technology scares me – do I need to have a technological background to join?
Definitely not! The few pieces of technology we use in the program (Zoom for the group calls, PayPal for payments, Dropbox for the documents, and Facebook for the Virtual Party Room) are all very tech-friendly. I’ll provide how-to videos for anything that might be a challenge.

I hate Facebook – do I need it to be able to join?
Definitely not! The Virtual Party Room on Facebook is a great way to connect with your Coach and fellow Society members between calls, but it’s not a requirement. All of the documents and important information will be posted in the group and will be available in Dropbox.

Have unanswered questions? Drop me a line at and fire away.