Hello all!

This HIIT circuit I came up with yesterday is a little more on the advanced side and should take under 20 minutes, depending on how few rest breaks you take. Perform 10 reps of each exercise 5-10 times. When I started I had the goal of completing 10 rounds. By round 3 I said “screw it I’m only doing 5”, but they go so quick that by the time I got to 4 I felt like I could deal with 7. And before you know it I had 10 rounds done!

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qi9tzoD3fe8]

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If you’d like to give this a shot but aren’t too keen on jumping around, don’t fret! These exercises can be modified to make this slightly less intense but still good enough to make you feel the burn. Trade the squat jumps for regular squats, take the jumps out of the burpees and just step back to your plank, don’t use weights for the punches, and just march with those knees up nice and high at the end.

If you give me a shot let me know how it goes!

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