Wuddup Readers!

I’m comin’ at ya today with far too much energy this early in the morning!

I’ve got a lot of things I’m super excited about, most of which you’ll have to wait to find out about, but I do get to share a couple things with you!

Exciting thing #1: training for my triathlon officially starts on Monday! I’ve been hitting the pool every week since January (which I’ll delve into a little more next week), but next week is when the structure begins.

And I’m all about structure.

But I’m not just excited about brick workouts and smelling like chlorine all the time. I’m excited because last year I discovered that while my body runs better on carbs when I’m working with heavier weights in the gym, it responds REALLY well when I feed it lots of fats when I’m training for endurance events.

And I love my fats.

I like things like bacon and butter just as much as the next person, but things like almonds and peanut butter and hemp hearts are what makes me truly happy.

Which is why I was so excited when I got the opportunity to review Manitoba Harvest Hemp Hearts! (Exciting thing #2.)

hemp hearts

I’ve been using hemp hearts for as long as I can remember. My first recollection of having hemp hearts was back in high school.

I was visiting a little hippie town and saw a container, which I immediately had to purchase because it was “like so cool man, ’cause I’ can put weed on salad“.

At the time I was unaware hemp hearts were an amazing source of omega-3 fatty acids, fiber, and plant-based protein. I thought I was just being a smart 17-year old pot head.

Hemp hearts re-entered my life again a few years ago and my fridge is now rarely without a 5lb bag.

So what exactly are hemp hearts? Contrary to my initial belief, they aren’t “weed”.

They’re shelled hemp seeds, which are really delicate and have a bit of a nutty flavour.

hemp heartsSource


I put them on salads, on yogurt, on oatmeal, on cereal, in smoothies, in my energy balls, in eggs…the number of things you can add these to are endless!

But since the folks at Manitoba Harvest were nice enough to send me a bag of hemp hearts, I really wanted to try something different with them.

I thought about trying to bake with them, but let’s be honest. I can’t come up with baking recipes.

Fortunately my lack of baking skills paid off, because I decided to try to make hemp milk and it was AH-MAZING. (Exciting thing #3.)

homemade hemp milk

Seriously! You don’t know what you’ve been missing until you’ve tried it. I’ve always shied away from making my own nut milk because of the whole filtered-water-high-power-blender-nut milk-bag-thing. I don’t have any of that stuff!

But because hemp hearts are so delicate I thought I could maybe get away with using my regular Costco blender and using a (clean) knee high sock instead of a nut milk bag. And we have great water in Vancouver so I gave up on the filtered stuff and just used regular old tap water.

Turns out I didn’t even need the knee high to strain the pulp! It all blended into a beautiful creamy, delicious liquid that has been a lovely addition to my coffee the past few days (which I’m drinking right now in fact!)

This is a wonderful alternative to coffee cream since it’s still nice and thick, and it doesn’t have all the added stuff that store-bought nut milks have. And it’s easy as hell!

Homemade Hemp Milk

homemade hemp milk

Seriously, how do bloggers make all these fancy pictures with recipe ingredients sprawled all over a counter? I just made a mess.

You Will Need: 

  • 1/4 cup hemp hearts (Manitoba Harvest is my personal fave and you can find them at Body Energy Club or Costco – just keep them in the fridge after you open them!)
  • 1.5 cups filtered (or not filtered) water
  • 1-2 medjool dates
  • dash of pure vanilla extract
  • dash of sea salt


1. Put all ingredients into a blender. High-power not necessary 😉

2. Put that puppy on “liquefy” or the highest speed you can get and let it go for approximately 2 minutes. Stop, give the blender a shake, then blend for 1 more minute.

3. Store in a mason jar in the fridge for the ultimate at-home hipster vibe and add to coffee, smoothies, or granola.

See how easy that is? Now for exciting thing #4, Manitoba Harvest is giving me the opportunity to give away a 2oz bag of hemp hearts (don’t worry, there’s enough for the milk!) to one of my Canadian or US friends!

Enter below so this dreamy homemade hemp milk can be yours 😉

a Rafflecopter giveaway

To those of you who eat hemp hearts, what’s your favourite way to eat them? Have you ever tried making your own nut milk before?

Disclaimer: I was given a free bag of hemp hearts from Manitoba Harvest, but all views and opinions are 100% my own. You guys know I would never lie to you! 

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  • Lisa Sharp

    I like to put hemp milk in smoothies, I’ve never thought about making it myself. Thanks for the recipe!

    • Ariana

      No problem! I had never thought of it either, but I’m happy I did! It was sooo easy!

  • iIndira

    I will try it in salads ;)) not sure bout milk ??

  • iIndira

    I am totally weird when it comes to milk ://

    • Ariana

      Haha, that’s okay! They’re delicious on salads too 🙂

  • marilyn

    I’m going to try that for my smoothies! <3

    • Ariana

      Great! Let me know how you like them 😀

  • Farrah

    I’d never have thought to make hemp milk–such a great idea! :D!!

    • Ariana

      It’s soooo good! I drank it all and am really sad I don’t have any for my coffee this morning!! 🙁

  • Reply

    I love eating hemp hearts with yogurt & fruit!

    • Ariana

      Yesss such a delicious combo! 🙂

  • Michelle

    I have to admit you have me wanting to try!

    • Ariana

      Do ittt!! 😀 I don’t currently have it listed in your plan but it would be a great replacement for coffee cream or any other higher-fat option! Did you enter the giveaway?

  • Annmarie

    I have never made homemade hemp milk, what a great idea!!!

    • Ariana

      If you try it let me know how you like it!!

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