One of my favourite things about the holidays is buying gifts for the people I love.

One of my least favourite things about the holidays is buying gifts for the people I love.


There are some people in my life who are SUPER easy to shop for. I know what I want to buy them as soon as I start thinking about shopping.

Then, there are the others. Those who are SO hard to shop for I don’t even know where to start. Those who wouldn’t find my go-to experiences as fun or as exciting as I do 😉 And funny enough, they’re usually the ones who respond to “What do you want for Christmas?” with “Oh, you know, whatever. I’m easy.”

Right. Easy.

While I’m still over here wracking my brain about what to get these people, I thought I’d compile a holiday gift guide for the health + fitness junkies in your life. Just in case you’re totally stumped on what to buy your co-worker who doesn’t drink coffee. Or that triathlete friend who’s life you really don’t understand.

I’ve broken this post into two sections: The Fitness Junkie + The Health Junkie. Each gift idea will link to a website where you can purchase it from, for the utmost convenience.

You’re welcome 😉

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Gift Ideas for The Fitness Junkie

1. Mini Bands

Mini Bands, Booty Bands – these little bands come under a variety of different names. But regardless of what you call them, they’re a hot item these days! These bands are great for building the booty (hence the name Booty Band), but they’re also a great rehabilitative and prehabilitative tool. There’s a host of exercises you can do with them, allowing your recipient to get a great full-body workout with minimal equipment.

Check them on Amazon here.


holiday gift guide

PS. Want a great mini band workout for your booty? Check this out

2. Green Wash Ball

We all know workout clothes are expensive. And we also know they can STINK. The Green Wash Ball cleans clothes without the use of harsh detergents, protecting pricey workout garments while effectively removing that post-workout smell. A quick side note: it’s not as effective at removing dirt and stains as it is odors.

Check it out on Amazon here.

3. Lorna Jane Luxe Bucket Backpack

If you follow me on Instagram, you probably know what a fan of Lorna Jane I am. The quality of their clothing is second-to-none, and not only is it, cute, but it’s also functional. Lorna Jane has nailed the art of “athleisure”, comfortable clothing that’s great for working out and for everyday wear. This Bucket Backpack will give your recipient all the space she needs to go from gym to work to social time with ease.

Check it out on

holiday gift guide

4. Bulletproof Unfair Advantage

This pre-workout energizer is far kinder on the body than the scary pink drink I used to take that made me itchy 😳 Unfair Advantage combines enzymes with brain-boosting healthy fats for a pre-workout kick without the jitters.

Check it out on Amazon here.

5. Nomadix Travel + Yoga Towel

I received a Nomadix Towel as part of the Spring FitBox earlier this year, and man oh man do I love it! Not only is the pattern super cute, but it’s also crazy-absorbent and keeps me in place in the sweatiest of yoga classes. It’s also a great option to take on the road, since it’s antimicrobial and very durable.

Check it out on Amazon here. 

holiday gift guide

6. S’Well Water Bottle

We put a lot of effort into curating the perfect workout outfit…why shouldn’t our water bottles match? Your recipient will love her S’Well Water Bottle- great for keeping cold drinks cold and hot drinks hot. I think you’ll have just as much fun picking a colour as you will actually giving the gift 😉.

Check it out on Amazon here.

Gift Ideas for The Health Junkie

While The Health Junkie in your life may love the above gifts just as much as The Fitness Junkie, in this section we’re putting more focus on overall health and wellness.

1. Danielle LaPorte’s Desire Map + Desire Map Planner

These gifts are a must-have for the conscious goal-setter in your life. Danielle LaPorte (thankfully) breaks away from the whole SMART goal-setting thing, and instead helps readers create goals based on feelings rather than outcomes. I worked through The Desire Map as part of my 2017 goal-setting process and it was a game-changer.

Check out The Desire Map on Amazon.

Check out The Desire Map Planner on Amazon.


holiday gift guide

2. Smudge Kit

I’ve been getting tons of questions about smudging on my InstaStories these days. This little segment of my morning routine helps me clear my energy and get grounded before a day of giving giving giving. I didn’t think it would be such a popular item, but because of all the interest I’ve received, it’s definitely worthy of this list! You can buy these at most new age and health stores, but I’ll link to a full kit below.

Check it out on Amazon here.

3. Kombucha Starter Kit

I’ve been waiting for the day where kombucha becomes just as popular as beer…and while I don’t think we’re QUITE there yet, we’re close! Craft kombucha on tap is popping up in a number of stores, but your recipient can save some moolah and get more acquainted with the process by whipping up a batch herself. Plus, you’ll get more gut-boosting benefits from a home batch than you would from a bottle that’s been sitting on a shelf.

Check it out on Amazon here.

4. Four Sigmatic Mushroom Coffee Mix

Before you go running away, hear me out – Mushroom Coffee is the way of the future! Okay, maybe that’s a bit of an overstatement. But it’s an amazing product for those who are working to balance their hormones and support their adrenals, but struggle with the idea of giving up coffee. This coffee actually tastes like coffee, not mushrooms, and it gives a little brain boost without the jittery after-effects of regular coffee.

Check it out on Amazon here.

holiday gift guide

5. Essential Oil Diffuser

Essential oils are all the rage these days, and for good reason! They have natural healing properties, can uplift your mood, and plus they smell reeeaaally good ☺️. A diffuser will fill your recipient’s home with energizing, calming, or healing scents. There are tons of oil companies to choose from, but I’ve been loving Saje for years.

Check it out on here.

Obviously this list is not a be-all end-all. Things like yoga mats, gift cards, and even experiences never disappoint! But I hope this gives you a starting point and makes your holiday shopping life a tad easier.

What are your go-to gifts for the health + fitness junkies in your life? What needs to be added to this list? 

Please note some of the above links contain affiliate links, meaning I will earn a small commission if they’re purchased. As always, I chose the items with integrity and would only recommend products I love myself.

Holiday Gift Guide for the Health and Fitness Junkie

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