In today’s episode of The Daily Sweat Podcast, Ariana chats with Holly Middleton, a Vancouver-based movement coach who owns Flow Movement Therapy. She takes personal training to the next level through Anatomy in Motion principles.  Ariana and Holly dive into injuries, losing something you identify with and much, much more.

Key Points of Discussion 

  • Pivoting from identifying yourself based on activities you love to do
  • Growing through and changing your life based on injuries
  • Avoiding burnout when working towards a target
  • The value of working smarter as opposed to harder
  • The importance of moving well and in alignment
  • Understanding movement imbalances and how to restore the range of motion
  • Links between anxiety, traumatic events and how your physical body holds them
  • How to allow your body to move more freely post injury
  • Understanding Anatomy in Motion

Notable Quotables 

“A lot of what I was doing was  ‘what do I think I should be doing with my talents’ and ‘what have other people done with those talents”?

“I went down a path that meant that I was all-in to the things I was doing, instead of having a bit of breadth.”

“Nowadays we really have the benefits of being able to do what we want to do because everything is so diverse- there are so many opportunities.”

“If you’re ready for it, if you’ve put yourself in that space to be ready to be there- it’s amazing what opens up for you.”

“You change the plan of how hard you push or you change something that’s stopping you from pushing.”

“Sometimes you’re pushing too much, you’re doing too much and that too much is not what you need and you need to pull back a little bit.”

“We know that we store emotions, not just in our brain, but in our nervous system and in our fascia.”

“The body does not lie; the body will tell you what has happened.”

Resources Mentioned


What the Foot – Gary Ward

The Oxygen Advantage – Patrick McKeown

Move Your DNA – Katy Bowman

Primate Change – Vybarr Cregan-Reid


The Foot Collective

Connect with Holly




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