As a Personal Trainer, it’s important for me to stay on top of fitness trends.

I need to make sure I’m educating myself on the all the latest science so I can help my clients maximize their time with me. I need to be able to answer the inevitable questions that pop up about different fitness and nutrition strategies (although I admit, with all the misinformation floating around on the internet these days this is getting more and more challenging).

And I like to follow these trends because it’s interesting to see which ones die off and which ones stick around.

A trend I’m not seeing disappear anytime soon is adding instability to training sessions. I’ve been a long-time fan of the Bosu – it’s a great addition to my runners’ training programs! So I was really excited when I had the opportunity to partner up with Hedstrom Fitness earlier this year to try out the Kamagon Ball.

What is a Kamagon Ball?

The Kamagon Ball is a piece of fitness equipment that brings your dynamic instability training to the next level. You can fill it with between one and thirteen pounds of water, and when moved around the water shifts. As the water shifts around, your core and other stabilizer muscles are forced to work harder to maintain proper alignment. This is known as hydro-inertia.

Say hello to the new wave of functional training!

kamagon ballWhat Can You Do With a Kamagon Ball?

Anything you would do with a regular weight! When the 9″ ball was sent to me, it came with a DVD with a number of 10-minute workouts. I was able to try variations of squats and lunges, although I avoided most of the overhead movements because of my shoulder that was healing from a dislocation.

However, what I really loved using it for was core training. Russian twists, oblique twists on lunges, straight leg crunches. 🔥 Man oh man those are a lot tougher when you’re holding a ball filled with water!

I took some time to get comfortable with using it before bringing it in for my clients to play with as well. We decided to name the ball Karl, because Karl the Kamagon Ball just seems to have a nice ring to it.

As training for my half ironman picks up, most of my strength training is currently focused on core, with some targeted work for my legs and glutes. This is a short but effective Kamagon Ball routine I’ve been loving for my core as of late.

Reverse Lunge with a Twist

kamagon ballHold the Kamagon Ball at your chest and keep your weight in your right heel as you step back into a lunge with your left leg. Keep your core engaged as you rotate your upper body to the right. Don’t forget to make sure the right knee stays directly overtop your ankle! As you bring the left leg forward, turn to face the front again. Repeat on the other side.

Russian Twist

kamagon ball

Hold the Kamagon Ball at your chest and sit on the floor, chest proud and slightly leaning back. You have two options: you can keep the feet on the ground for a slightly (but only slightly!) easier version. OR you can raise your feet. If you choose to raise your feet, keep your chest lifted and don’t round the upper back. Squeeze into your obliques as you rotate the ball from side to side.

Lateral Lunge

kamagon ballHold the Kamagon Ball at your chest with your feet hip distance apart. Step your right foot out into a lateral lunge, keeping your weight in your right heel and your hips pushed back. Brace your abs as you drive off the right foot and return to the starting position. Repeat on the other side.

Straight Leg Crunch

kamagon ballHold the Kamagon Ball between both hands, laying on your back with your legs straight above your hips. With the Kamagon Ball high above your chest, squeeze your abs as you slowly raise your shoulders off the ground and then lower them.

Bicycle Abs

Holding the Kamagon Ball with both hands, lay on your back with your legs stretched out. Raise your shoulders and lift your legs about two inches off the ground. Bring your right elbow to your left knee as your squeeze into your left oblique. Repeat on the other side.

Complete anywhere from 10-15 reps of the above movements for two to three sets. I can guarantee your abs will feel this!

Where Can You Buy a Kamagon Ball?

The best place to pick up your own Kamagon Ball would be directly from the Kamagon Ball website. It’s a relatively inexpensive piece of equipment for everything you can do with it. Plus, there’s lots of colours to choose from! 😉

Have you ever used a Kamagon Ball?

What’s your favourite method of dynamic instability training?

I was provided a complimentary Kamagon Ball in exchange for my review. As always, all thoughts and opinions are 100% my own. 


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