In today’s episode of The Daily Sweat Podcast, Ariana chats with Lindsay Johnson, The Radical Connector. Lindsay is a Canadian entrepreneur, public speaker and trainer. During this conversation, she shares networking tips, how to overcome imposter syndrome and much more.

Key Points of Discussion 

  • How exciting it is to be living during this era of the entrepreneur
  • Having fun during the formative years of your business
  • Reframing networking as meeting “future friends” and opportunities
  • Networking at unconventional events instead of traditional ones
  • Defining imposter syndrome
  • Working through imposter syndrome
  • Incorporating mindfulness and self awareness when growing as an entrepreneur
  • Differentiating between your gut and your ego
  • Finding your flow by trying different ways of using social media

Notable Quotables 

“I’m excited about this new level of acceptance of the individual and the uniqueness that we all bring – and I think that in starting a business, so much of that is required.”

“That first year, or two years, is really just playing and experimenting and figuring out and pulling the pieces of your business together.”

“There is that important need to be flexible and adaptable, and really trust our gut.”

“Finding your own proof in past work that you’ve done.”

“With self doubt, there is a lot of ego at play…it keeps us safe by keeping us small.”

“You can start with trusting your gut and knowing that your way of doing things does not have to look like everyone’s way of doing things.”

“Go and be yourself… and just start.”

“The beauty of social media is that we’re dropping that veil of perfectionism.”

Resources Mentioned

Imposter Syndrome Mad Libs


Oprah’s SuperSoul Conversations

Freedom Lifestyle – Sam Laliberte

Ace Talks – The Ace Class

The Business of Life – Arlene Dickinson

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