You know that feeling you used to get on Christmas morning when you saw all those presents laid out in front of you and you had no idea what was in them?

That’s exactly how I felt when FitBox showed up at my doorstep.

FitBox is a Canadian-based subscription box with products and services to help you live a healthier life – right up my alley!

I’ve been seeing TONS of subscription boxes on the market lately. What I really love about FitBox is that they have their Signature Box, which contains items that are sent to all markets in Canada. But then they also have their City Box, which contains offers exclusive to the city it’s being sold in. You can order the Signature Box on its own, OR you can order the City Box and get both. How cool is that?!

Vancouver FitBox Review

Since I live in Vancouver, I was obviously sent the CityBox for Vancouver #duh. When I opened it up, there were SO many goodies and snacks and fun things to try!

From the Signature Box, I received:

fitbox reviewI absolutely loved everything from the Signature Box. Bounce Balls are one of my favourite snacks to pick up when I’m out and about, and who doesn’t love peanut butter-anything??

The hair ties are super cute, but because my hair is pretty fine they didn’t hold very well. I’ve seen lots of girls using ties like that though, so I think I may share mine with a couple of girlfriends 😉

And that foot massager? 90% of the time it’s under my desk so I can give my feet a little massage while I work. The other 10% of the time it’s been rolled under the couch or in a corner by my cat 😉

But the two items that are getting the most use are the Noya Peau Face Scrub and the Nomadix Co towel.

fitbox reviewOver the last few years I’ve really been struggling with my skin, so I’ve been looking for scrubs and products with natural ingredients that do the job without the harm. Made with only coffee grounds, almond oil, grapefruit, cypress, and sea salt, this scrub totally fits the bill!

I use it once per week and my skin feels so soft and smooth after. Plus it smells AH-mazing. I’m glad I checked out their website before using it, because under the “How To” section it warned the process can get a little messy. They were right! But fortunately it’s a good-smelling mess and it cleans up quickly.

fitbox reviewBeing the sweaty person I am, the towel is getting A LOT of use. It’s antimicrobial that’s suitable for yoga, the beach, camping, and travelling. But what I love about it the most is that it’s made from recycled plastic bottles. Nomadix is definitely doing their eco-friendly part. It’s even bunny-approved!

fitbox reviewAs much as I love physical things I can hold and use (and eat!) I was really excited about all the offers that came as part of the City Box.

From the City Box I received:

That’s a lot of awesomeness in one box!

I haven’t been able to try as many classes as I’d have liked yet because of my half ironman training, but I’m looking forward to checking out Cadence before my race, and The Yoga Root is pretty close to my future home!

I did have the opportunity to check out MVMTLAB last week for their Ground Control class, and it was a super cool experience.

Ground Control is referred to as functional meditation – you hold a number of poses for anywhere from 10 to 30 minutes (!!) to help re-program the brain and the body. The goal? Fewer injuries and better performance.

I had heard about Ground Control before so I didn’t go in expecting it to be easy, but I think I underestimated just how challenging it would be! My legs were shaking and different parts of my body were on fire. But it was amazing to see what happens when you’re able to quiet your mind and show it there’s nothing to be afraid of.

fitbox reviewThe smoothies from Jugo Juice came in handy because I always find myself hungry when I’m out and about! They’ve really stepped up their game the last couple of years by offering more nutrient-dense smoothies. I had a Kale Aid on a particularly busy day and it totally hit the spot.

All in all, FitBox is a GREAT way to try awesome products and services at a really affordable price. The Signature Box is available for $59, and the City Box is available for $64. You even get a discount if you commit to a one-year subscription.

BUT, because you are all awesome readers of this little blog, my friends at FitBox have been kind enough to offer a discount code to you!

Use the code EVOLUTION20 for 10% off a single order, or 20% off a subscription.

And as kind of a side note, I had to include this picture 😂 My boyfriend is really good about helping me out with my blog photos and will let me take a picture of him so I can show him what I want. Out of ALL the pictures we took of me, this one still ended up being the best 😂

fitbox reviewHave you ever tried a subscription box?

What are your favourite ways to scope out new local products and services?

I was provided a complimentary FitBox in exchange for my views, but as always all opinions are 100% my own. 

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