Brussels sprouts.

Not the sexiest of vegetables, hey?

I happen to love brussels sprouts and I look forward to buying them each fall and winter, but I never really get a wave of inspiration when it comes to cooking them.

But let’s be honest – I don’t get a wave of inspiration when I’m cooking anything, really. Hence the lack of recipes on this site 😉

BUT I’m trying to be more creative in the kitchen because eating the same roasted vegetables with the same seasonings year after year gets old.

So when my mom handed me a giant bag of shredded brussels sprouts, I need exactly what they needed.


Brussels sprouts always go well with bacon.

Fun fact about brussels sprouts: according to the ever-reliable source The Kitchn, brussels sprouts are called so because they were first cultivated in Brussels, Belgium. That’s why they’re referred to as “brussels” sprouts and not “brussel” sprouts, and apparently the “B” should always be capitalized as well.

But really, a girl can only hit shift while typing a letter so many times. Gotta save my capitalization energy.

Anyway, I’ve roasted Brussels sprouts with bacon many a time, and it always turns out to be the Since these were already shredded I knew I’d need to take a slightly different approach, so pan-fried it was!

I chopped up three slices of bacon (nitrate-free, thank you very much) and fried them until they were about 80% cooked. Or what I assumed would be 80%. I kept the heat a little lower than I do when I’m cooking full strips of bacon, because I wanted the delicious fat to sit in the pan so it could coat all the B-sprout shreds.

brussels sprouts with bacon

I threw in the shreds, mixed it all up, and cooked it over medium heat. But while they were cooking I decided that vegetables cooked in animal fat with the skin of said animal mixed in wasn’t quite enough fat, so I needed to throw some chopped almonds in as well.

brussels sprouts with bacon

While that was cooking I decided to fry two eggs in coconut oil, because why not eat more fat, and I served them overtop the super awesome brussels sprouts concoction.

The result? A veggie-loaded breakfast that was insanely satisfying and satiating, keeping me full well until lunch. And that definitely says something.

brussels sprouts with bacon

Let’s not talk about my egg-cooking skills.

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brussels sprouts with bacon and almonds

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  • Farrah

    Yay for Brussels sprouts! I can’t eat bacon, but totally just going to sub in turkey bacon for this. This looks super good! <3

    • Ariana

      Awesome! It’s been ages since I’ve cooked with turkey bacon so I don’t remember how much fat cooks out of it. If it’s a little on the dry side, just add some coconut oil to keep those sprouts coated!

  • Carmy

    i hate brussels sprouts but girl you had my attention at bacon!

    • Ariana

      Haha! Just add tons of bacon so you don’t even notice the sprouts 😉

  • Bri

    The boyfriend would love this as a Thanksgiving side! I’d leave out the bacon for myself, but he’d love it!

    • Ariana

      As partial as I am to the bacon, it would be just as good without! A little coconut oil and some almonds would be delish 👌

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