Hey there, Beautiful!

If you’re not gettin’ sweaty on a daily basis, I want to know – what’s holding you back from becoming your fittest self? Why are you keeping all of that badassery inside of you and not letting it come out to shine?

Every now and then I like to post a question out to the social media world:

What’s your biggest barrier to exercise?
A) Lack of time
B) Lack of motivation
C) Lack of understanding about what to do

And the most popular answer by far is A. There’s a common belief that we need to spend an hour in the gym in order to get a good workout. I’m not sure when 60 minutes became the magic number, but there it is!

And then you see all these things saying

“A 1 hour workout is 4% of your day NO EXCUSESSSSSSS!!!!!!!!!$^&*^^%&*((*&”

And you know what?

I call BS.

One hour at the gym can involve anywhere from 5-30 minutes getting there and back. It involves locking up your stuff. It involves wandering around to find a bench or machine that’s open. And then it involves showering. And eating.

My two-hour training rides? I end up setting aside THREE hours, because I know that by the time my Garmin picks up my signal, I’ve stretched, rolled, peeled myself off the floor and then peeled myself out of the bath tub, my two-hour training ride is no longer a two-hour training ride.

The fact of the matter is this: sixty minutes is a great amount of time for a workout if you HAVE that time. Ninety minutes in the gym is great if you’re doing some heavy lifting that requires longer rest breaks. Two-five hours is awesome for long runs and bike rides is great if your training dictates the need for it.

But it’s not necessary.

You can have an amazingly sweaty and effective workout in just 20 minutes, anywhere you like, without any equipment! The recommended amount of physical activity each day is 30 minutes. Tack a couple of walks to and from your car or up a flight of stairs to your 20 minute workout and your set!

More is not always better when you’re training for weight loss or general health. Success is the sum of small actions taken consistently – preferably, on a daily basis! Get a quick and efficient sweat session each day. Eat foods that fuel your body with the nutrients they deserve. Drink lots of water and get an adequate amount of sleep. It’s not rocket science, but it does require a little bit of planning, patience, and consistency.

This is a philosophy that I try to instill in the minds of all the women I work with. While it’s not sexy, my motto is slow progress is lasting progress. Quick fixes are great if you’re looking for immediate results, but more often than not they’re gone just as quickly as they came.

So if you’ve been telling yourself you don’t have time to hit the gym because you have to work, have to run around with the kids and take them to all their extra curricular activities, make dinner for the family, and keep up with your volunteer duties, then guess what! I’ve got a solution for you 😉

bodyweight workout

This workout can be done anywhere without any equipment in just 20 minutes. It keeps your heart rate elevated which will help you torch calories and feel like a badass, and the strength-based nature of the exercises will help you sculpt lean and defined muscles when done on a consistent basis.

Did I mention this bodyweight workout can be done anywhere without any equipment? 😉

Want to see video demonstrations for each exercise? Just click right here and you’ll be directed to a YouTube playlist showing you how to do each one!

This is the type of workout the women in my Six Week Virtual Boot Camp will be doing four times each week, in addition to two cardio sessions. In fact, this specific workout is straight from Week 5!

In addition to a six week bodyweight workout only fitness plan that’s delivered through a complimentary app, these women will also get weekly coaching calls covering the six elements of a healthy life, supplementary documents like measurement and food tracking how-tos, grocery lists, meal planning tips, portion guides and more, along with accountability and support from me, their Coach, and their fellow Boot Campers in the private Facebook group, all for $297CAD.

Registration ends on Sunday April 10 and Boot Camp begins on Monday April 11. Interested in learning more? Leave a comment below and I’ll send you more information!

Ready to secure your spot right away? You can do so right here, and I’ll be in touch with your Orientation Package and app login details shortly.

Do you ever struggle with finding time to workout? If so, what’s an action you can take today that will help you become the healthy, fit badass you deserve to be? If not, what’s your top tip for making time for fitness?

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