In today’s SUPER juicy episode I’m chatting with Cheryl Muir about all things twin flames! What they are, how they can trigger us, and how we can heal. We dive super deep into the woo and I absolutely love it – I know you will too!

Cheryl Muir is a catalyst for twin flame healing and ascension. After meeting her twin in 2017 and navigating her own Dark Night of the Soul, Cheryl noticed the lack of practical and helpful information out there on navigating the twin flame journey.

Fusing the traditional with the spiritual, Cheryl’s healing modalities include coaching, guided meditations, intuitive channelled messages as well as her own twin flame teachings.

Cheryl has been featured by the BBC, The Huffington Post, Elephant Journal and Tiny Buddha, as well as the Plenty of Fish and Go Dates blogs. To find out more about Cheryl’s work and how she can help you, visit

Resources Mentioned 

Lovability by Robert Holden

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