In today’s episode I’m chatting with Krisztina Marshall, Emotional Eating Consultant and founder of Heemang Wellness. We chat about eating disorders, dysfunctional relationships with food, and how we can begin to heal.

Krisztina Marshall is the Founder and CEO of Heemang Emotional Wellness (Heemang is Korean for Hope). Providing Psychotherapy and Counselling for those who are struggling with emotional eating, eating disorders and Obesity, Krisztina is passionate about helping to improve the quality of life of others.

Having suffered for more than 15 years from an eating disorder, Krisztina has much experience in dealing with the various aspects of this very serious disease. During her illness, she was told that she will never be free and that she was a hopeless case. However, with a strong willingness to find her way, Krisztina developed her own strategy to beat the ‘beast’. Upon her recovery, she made a promise to dedicate her life to deliver hope and help those who are held prisoner by eating disorders.

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