In today’s episode of The Daily Sweat Podcast, I’m chatting with Lauren Herrera, fitness and lifestyle coach and host of the Love, Abundance, Trust, and Flow Podcast. We take a deep dive into what it means to fail and how we can reframe it, the science behind the idea that our thoughts create our realities, and how we can create the results we’re seeking in our lives, as opposed to sitting on the sidelines waiting for them.

Lauren Herrera is a fitness & lifestyle coach and creator of the 6-week course, “Love, Abundance, Trust & Flow” where she teaches women in their twenties, on the brink of finding their purpose and soon to be empty-nesting mom’s how to use the power of love, the mindset of abundance and the certainty in trust so that they can get their lives and careers into a state of flow.

She’s the host of the worldwide podcast, Love, Abundance, Trust, and Flow, listened to in 134 countries, Program Coordinator of the international personal development company, Growth-U where she also serves as a writer, editor, brand development lead and podcast producer for three sister podcasts.

Because of her in-depth journey to understanding love she’s found the correlations between religion, spirituality, quantum physics and biology that all say the same thing, “you can re-create yourself & your life.” And that lesson, is her life’s purpose to women around the world.

Key Points of Discussion

  • The personal development work needed to improve your mindset and overall life
  • Why we put blocks up to receive
  • How we as women focus on what’s not working
  • Staying present to stay in our quantum potential
  • Learning about The Cycle of Performance that leads to transformation
  • Why we should be celebrating when noticing our sabotaging behavior
  • How we should be viewing ourselves objectively, in moment to moment decisions
  • The importance of deep work in ultimately living a more fulfilling life

Notable Quotables

  • “We are source energy that is in human form- so whatever we decide we want to do, just have faith that that is the part of the universal unconsciousness expressing itself and the only limiting factor is what you decide to adopt as your belief system while you’re here.”
  • “The ladies that just let it happen, and would show up and go live their life and have fun, they all had results.”
  • “You notice when your sabotaging behaviors come up, you say no, and you keep pushing through to transformation.
  • “There are no limiting factors except for the ones we put in our mind.”
  • “If you’re mindful of what you’re doing, you’re watching your behavior objectively instead of feeling your behavior and feeling your emotions and identifying yourself as ‘I am this.’”

Resources Mentioned

Three Magic Words – U.S. Andersen
Breaking the Habit of Being Yourself – Joe Dispenza
The Biology of Belief – Bruce Lipton

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