In today’s episode of The Daily Sweat Podcast I’m chatting with Marisa Moody, a Personal Trainer and Nutrition Coach based out of Vancouver. So many awesome fitness professionals in this city! We chat about some of the common barriers we see people encountering when they are starting a new fitness journey and how to work through them, as well as Marisa’s solution to the challenging of finding time to take care of ourselves amidst a busy schedule.

Key Points of Discussion

  • The importance of shifting your energy output from completely outwards to inwards and how it can be done in small chunks
  • The importance of cross-training for half marathons and marathons
  • The common barriers people face when it comes to taking care of themselves
  • How twenty minutes can be long enough for an effective workout
  • The importance of fueling your body for consistent workouts and transformation
  • What is Take Back 20 and how to incorporate it into your day
  • How mindfulness can completely transform your entire food experience – including beating cravings!
  • Staying accountable in finding time for yourself throughout the week while meeting your priorities
  • How to start or get back into an exercise program if you are lacking time or motivation

Notable Quotables

  • “If people just broke it down a little smaller, and focused on small, manageable chunks of time that they can integrate into their schedule, they would find a lot more success with that.”
  • “Everyone is in the gym to improve, at whatever state they’re at, they are there to improve upon, so lots of times the judgement that we believe is coming towards us in the gym, is really just in our heads.”
  • “It’s really hard to break a habit, to change a routine, if you don’t even acknowledge it’s there.”
  • “I try to keep the big blocks, the important things in my schedule, and just shift them as needed. Once I have the big stuff, then I can see all the bits are in between, oh I have 45 minutes in between, I can go walk…”

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