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Since the legalization of marijuana here in Canada is just around the corner (ie. TOMORROW), I decided to share my opinion on whether or not cannabis use has any place in a healthy lifestyle. And—spoiler alert—my opinions on this might be somewhat controversial.

Key Points of Discussion: 

  • Implications of cannabis legalization in Canada on October 17
  • How cannabis could fit into a healthy lifestyle
  • Feeling safe in starting open dialogues about cannabis use
  • Understanding THC vs CBD
  • Evaluating your intentions behind your own usage
  • Being honest with yourself, in all aspects of your life
  • Understanding that what other people think of you or your actions has nothing to do with you

Notable Quotables:

  • “When you’re high, your senses can be a little bit heightened, it can make experiences brighter, a little bit lighter if you will. But I feel like having a heightened sensation or experience is also available to us without THC, by really dropping into the present moment and taking a moment to appreciate the amazingness that is this crazy world around us…looking at trees, looking at nature, looking at your dog, looking at your child…like all of those things, if you really tap into the present moment, and get connected with  that thing that you’re looking at, I feel like you don’t need a substance to heighten your awareness of it; you just need to be aware.”
  • “Those are the days I don’t consume cannabis because I know that the only reason I’m consuming it is to hide from the shit that I need to deal with or the stuff I need to face.”
  • “Whether its alcohol, or busy-ness, or anything, if there is something you are numbing yourself with, we need to deal with the root of it.”
  • “I think what is really important is to check our intentions behind our actions and just become firmly rooted in our own belief systems- to not let the belief of others make us feel bad about the choices we are making.”
  • “Just do you.”

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