In today’s solo episode of The Daily Sweat Podcast, I’m talking alllll about energy management. Do you find yourself getting overwhelmed by big crowds and lots of external stimuli? Frustrated because you think you “should” be able to handle more without getting so exhausted? If so, this episode is for you!

Key Points of Discussion

  • Energy management strategies for introverts, empaths, Highly-Sensitive People, and others
  • How being a highly sensitive person can actually be your strength and NOT a weakness
  • Living your life in accordance with the seasons
  • Why we should stop trying to work through and fight the feelings of tiredness
  • The physical and mental burden of always being “on”
  • Gaining awareness of personal energy drainers
  • Building buffers in your life and sticking with them
  • Checking in with yourself and shifting your exercise and nutrition habits based on your current situation

Notable Quotables

  • “Start paying attention to how your energy levels, your motivation, your desire to get shit done- how all of it tends to fluctuate as the seasons fluctuate.”
  • “If you’re feeling this innate desire to really turn inwards and slow down a little bit, maybe just consider seeing what happens if you give yourself the space to do so.”
  • “Our world is not really built to support people who feel as though our energy is drained.”
  • “You deserve to have your time respected.”
  • “The ego will try to step in and stop you from taking care of yourself and its up to you to play an active part in dismantling those thoughts and to prioritize yourself because you deserve it.”

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