In today’s episode of The Daily Sweat Podcast I’m chatting with Phil Wittmer, a Vancouver-based training and lifestyle coach. We have a great conversation about the need to train your brain as well as your body, adopting a holistic approach when working on your health, and the importance of staying adaptable as a fitness professional.

Key Points of Discussion

  • The role of life coaching in personal training to bring the best results
  • Why lifestyle is so important when looking for success in training
  • Advice for trainers who have focused on one methodology of training and why they may want to consider incorporating other modalities
  • Strategies for implementing mindset changes to facilitate your personal fitness journey
  • Problems in the current fitness industry, specifically social media
  • The importance of rest for real results and shifting your perspective about needing to do more

Notable Quotables

  • “The more tools you have in your toolkit, the better you will be able to handle different situations and help more people.”
  • “I like to cultivate discipline and willpower to transfer into others area of your life.”
  • “Maybe there are things you are wanting to do but you are not really dedicating or making that decision, so building some momentum with something else and cultivating that discipline, you can then pull that same mindset and approach and apply it to something else.”
  • “Bodybuilding, in general, there are some people that do it right, but, in general, a lot of people are creating a body that is more dysfunctional.”
  • “I feel like it ultimately comes down to working for the individual, as long as it is an educated and smart approach…if it doesn’t, it obviously is not something that will be sustainable and then you are back to where you started.”

Resources Mentioned
Strength Sensei
C.H.E.K. Institute 

The Tim Ferriss Show
Aubrey Marcus Podcast
Revolution Health – Chris Kresser

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Instagram: Phil Wittmer
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