In today’s episode of The Daily Sweat Podcast, I’m chatting with Marilene Caetano, a foodie, mama, and Nurse Practitioner from Toronto, Canada.

We have a candid discussion on many of the unspoken physical challenges women can face after giving birth, and how they can begin to heal their bodies. We also talk about Marilene’s experience in overcoming perfectionism, and she shares tips and strategies for expressing anger in a healthy and productive way.

Key Points of Discussion

  • Understanding the role of Nurse Practitioners in healthcare
  • Expanding on the common changes and challenges women experience after pregnancy
  • Understanding diastasis recti and the changes in the abdominal muscles
  • Struggling with core strength and stability post pregnancy
  • The complexity of the pelvic floor connection with the rest of your body
  • Understanding that perfectionism and striving for excellence are not the same
  • Strategies for letting go of your perfectionism and confronting your ego
  • Utilizing self cognitive behavioral therapy to release old habits and thought patterns
  • Tips for better expressing frustration or anger in your life
  • What is the Feeling Wheel and how to use it to better understand your emotions

Notable Quotables

  • “When women attend a regular health clinic, it sometimes doesn’t cater to our needs as women and so I really try to prioritize that more holistic care and recognizing that health worries are not always about the physical body and sometimes they are about a lot of other things that are going on, about stress, about emotions…”
  • “Because we don’t talk about it enough in mainstream postpartum care…we focus a lot on getting flat abs instead of thinking about how to restore the function of the core that has been lost as part of pregnancy, labor and delivery.”
  • “There’s too much to do and if you try to be perfect, you will be beating yourself all the time. I got sick of it.”
  • “Once you get a bit deeper and figure out what your bigger emotions are, how can you soften yourself? How can you surrender to the situation and ask for what you need?”

Resources Mentioned:

Jessie Mundell
Haley Shevener – Snatch Program

Vagina Coach

Dance of Anger: A Woman’s Guide to Changing the Patterns of Intimate Relationships – Harriet Lerner
Attached – Amir Levine

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