In today’s episode of The Daily Sweat Podcast, I’m answering a question from one of our listeners: “how do you know what to post and what not to post on social media?”

In today’s crazy-connected world, it can be challenging to distinguish between what makes a great story and what’s meant to stay private.

And while I don’t have a “post this but don’t post that” blueprint, what I do have is my own experience to share and my own methods of deciding whether the world needs to hear what I have to say or not.

Key Points of Discussion: 

  • Setting boundaries on your social media use and upholding them
  • Maintaining your mental well-being in a super-connected online world
  • Understanding and avoiding the comparison trap
  • Tips to consider before posting on social media
  • Decoding vulnerability on social media
  • Taking space to heal when deep in your shadows before sharing socially
  • Detaching your worth from likes or comments on social media

Notable Quotables:

  • “You can tell if someone’s vulnerability is coming from a genuine place – and that is something I need to check myself on as well.”
  • “When we’re wrapped up in a particular situation or in a problem, we tend to be consumed by it, and our emotions around what we’re experiencing tend to be heightened.”
  • “Don’t feel like you have to talk about your problems when you are in the midst of them – and I encourage you to wait.”
  • “Learn to become so firmly rooted in your own self-worth, that your “success” in the social media sphere does not impact the way you think and feel about yourself.”
  • “We are so inundated with information, thoughts, ideas, posts and selfies – I see so much and I don’t interact with it because my brain is on scroll mode.”

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