In today’s episode of The Daily Sweat Podcast, I’m chatting with Kim Vopni the Vagina Coach. Kim explains what the pelvic floor is and what it does, why it’s important, and how we can care from it, both from a preventive and a recovery standpoint.

Key Points of Discussion

  • What exactly IS the pelvic floor?
  • Implementing a more robust approach when caring for your pelvic floor
  • Outlining the reasons tension builds up in the pelvic floor
  • Understanding the effects or indicators of a tense pelvic floor
  • Preventing pelvic floor disfunction
  • Learning about the idea “mother roasting” of postpartum
  • Creating a plan for one’s initial postpartum period
  • The importance of  routinely seeing a pelvic floor physiotherapist and what to look for

Notable Quotables

  • “The more attention we pay to make sure they’re functioning optimally, the better we can perform in a lot of our activities as well.”
  • “We sit a lot more, we aren’t moving in as many planes of motion, we’re not moving in as many varied ways as we used to.”
  • “The body adapts to that pattern throughout the pregnancy and once the baby is born, that’s their new normal. That strategy just needs to be undone- and same with sitting patterns.”
  • “If we’re always wearing restrictive clothing, that can start to set up patterns of non-optimal holding.”
  • “There’s a huge link between low back pain and pelvic floor disfunction. So it is often the missing link.”
  • “We are celebrating women who ‘don’t look like they’ve had a baby’ and I want to shift that focus.”
  • “Pregnancy is like resistance training for the pelvic floor.”
  • “Moms are really terrible about investing in themselves- which is why I suggest mother showers.”

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The Fourth Trimester – Kimberly Ann Johnson


Nutritious Movement

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