In today’s episode of The Daily Sweat Podcast, Ariana continues her discussion of the impact of hormonal fluctuations on your training. Ariana focuses on ways that you can tailor your training to match the hormonal changes that occur during your cycle. 

Key Points of Discussion 

  • Why it’s important to know about hormonal fluctuations and training 
  • Why training in the early stage of our cycles can be great for strength training [4:21] 
  • Week 2: The ideal time to go for a race or try something new [6:00]
  • Week 3: The best time to do endurance activities [7:48]
  • Week 4: The opportune time for a hike or yoga [9:45] 
  • The argument that PMS is not real [11:52] 

Resources Mentioned 


The Female Athlete Triad 

Notable Quotables 

If you’re prepping for a competition or a race and you can’t necessarily adjust your training, you’ll know, at least, to be kinder to yourself.” 

“As I mentioned last week, it’s usually within the first few days of our cycles when I get a lot of cancellations from the women I coach.” 

“But even if you’re not feeling like you want to go run a marathon or to go hit the gym for an hour, it’s still a great opportunity to do something light and still move your body.” 

“Pilates is no flippin’ joke.” 

“I heard Dr. Oz say it (PMS) wasn’t real and I wanted to punch him in the face.” 

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  • Sandra D Laflamme

    What an interesting topic. I am lucky as my cycle has never really affected me that much for training.

    • ariana

      Glad to hear you haven’t experienced some of those challenges!

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