In today’s episode of The Daily Sweat Podcast, Ariana has a very special, surprise guest joining her on the podcast. They discuss different things that come up in relationships, both romantic and platonic. Listen in to find out who the guest is and all the great insight they have to offer. 

Key Points of Discussion 

  • Meeting in the middle
  • Differentiating the various types of communication and the importance communication plays in a relationship
  • Developing communication over time
  • Lessons learned over the course of a relationship
  • Beauty in spontaneity
  • Balancing unity while individually needing to grow
  • Keeping things fresh in a comfortable relationship

Notable Quotables 

“I have to understand that you don’t necessarily see things the way I do and I need to state my needs.”

“For me to get to this point took a lot of meditation, a lot of journaling, a lot of exploring what’s going on inside my own internal landscape and how does that impact how I show up.”

“So much of this stems back to your own relationship with yourself and your ability to know and understand yourself.”

“You’re here to teach me that most things in life don’t really matter.”

“Break out of that routine and recognize when you are in one.”

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