In today’s episode of The Daily Sweat Podcast, Ariana chats with Vivian Man, a local Vancouver entrepreneur and holistic nutritionist. Vivian founded Kyth and Kyn, a Chinese herbal-based wellness company. During this conversation, she shares how Kyth and Kyn came to be, the power of Chinese herbs and how to reconnect with your culture.

Key Points of Discussion 

  • How Vivian started Kyth and Kyn
  • How Vivian’s health struggles led her down naturopathy and wellness
  • Reconnecting with your heritage
  • The benefits of Chinese herbs
  • Diving into digestive, menstrual and hormonal remedies
  • Learning from others different than yourself
  • Honoring your heritage in your day to day life
  • Tips on learning more about your own culture

Notable Quotables 

“My take on Chinese medicine is that it is very similar to Ayurvedic medicine…the two are very similar and both use spices and herbs that help balance the body and recalibrate.”

“I realized a lot of my values come from my culture and I hadn’t fully acknowledged that before.”

“It’s just very interesting how everything you put into Chinese food has a purpose and is not just there for flavour.”

“It’s really important to be open and ask questions- you never know what you can find.”

Resources Mentioned:


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Blink – Malcom Gladwell


The Model Health Show

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Girlboss Radio – Sophia Amoruso

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