In today’s episode of The Daily Sweat Podcast, Ariana dives into money from a business prospective, specifically how to identify and overcome money blocks. Ariana also discusses how our relationship with money affects our ability to serve others and provides tips on how to overcome these obstacles. 

Key Points of Discussion 

  • The universal nature of money struggles
  • How money blocks can show up in your life
  • Accepting less than what you deserve
  • Why it’s pivotal to know how much you are making and how much you are spending
  • Money as a taboo topic
  • The role your upbringing plays in your subconscious beliefs around money
  • How Ariana used EFT to improve her relationship with money
  • Tools to understanding your core beliefs about money and how to heal them
  • How to shift from a negative to positive mindset
  • Pushing yourself in low charge situations
  • Remembering your values

Notable Quotables 

“All of the beliefs about money are subconsciously driving the way you show up in your business which then impacts your ability to serve your clients.”

“It was like a snowball, the higher my debt got, the more fearful I became of looking at it.”

“It takes money to earn money.”

“Once we start opening up these conversations with one another, it starts to de-stigmatize things and it shows us we are not alone.”

“When we feel like we are working all the time and not making any money, over time that leads to burnout.”

“More often than not, these are beliefs that we picked up in our childhood.”

“The more I faced that fear, the less afraid of it I became.”

“Money amplifies what is already in someone.”

“Money is really just energy.”

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