In today’s episode of The Daily Sweat Podcast, Ariana chats with Vancouver health-professional, Danielle Boyd. Danielle a physiotherapist, wellness coach, and founder of The Balanced Collective. During this conversation, they talk about dealing with pain in the body, neurokinetic therapy and the spiritual connection with these ailments. 

Key Points of Discussion 

  • Following intuitive hits to get to where you need to be
  • Flexibility and fluidity as a business owner
  • How pain, injury, and trauma can cause food sensitivities, gut issues and more
  • Identifying when someone’s subconscious interferes with their conscious desires to get better
  • Understanding the research backing the connection between physical pain and emotional pain.
  • How being aware of our thoughts can change our biochemistry and energy frequencies 
  • Ways to begin shifting your thought patterns and optimize your health

Notable Quotables 

“Pain is really complex and it changes people – freedom from pain is freedom from so many things.”

“We are meant to walk …we are meant to move forward, grow and expand.”

“Pain receptors in the body, if they are sensitized, cause so many problems on a physical and emotional level.”

“If someone has beliefs or reasons why they want to stay in pain, they’ll never get better.”

“Listen to your body and respect what it is asking for.”

“Don’t expect people to heal you.”

Resources Mentioned:


The Body Keeps The Score – Dr. Bessel van der Kolk 

When the Body Says No – Dr. Gabor Mate

The Universe Has Your Back – Gabrielle Bernstein

Judgement Detox – Gabrielle Bernstein


The Aubrey Marcus Podcast

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EXPANDED Podcast – Lacy Phillips

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