In today’s episode, of The Daily Sweat Podcast, Ariana talks with Seemal Zaman, fellow entrepreneur. Seemal is software consultant (and foodie!) who runs a tech consulting firm called Piksi. She dives into how she’s shifted from a constant hustle mentality to creating space in her life while balancing a full time job and a passion project.

Key Points of Discussion 

  • Tips for motivating yourself to make fitness a priority
  • How Seemal used two weeks of “vacation” to check in with herself and reset her life
  • Understanding society’s constant hustle and need to drive forward
  • Why we all need to be a bit more “selfish”
  • Seemal’s work on letting go of her pet peeves
  • Suggestions to those taking time off to maximize this period

Notable Quotables 

“I’d rather take baby steps until I get there while not stressing myself out.”

“Think of what is different, what is irritating you these days and how you can change it.

“It always comes from within…if you can point it out in yourself, you’re the only one who can fix it.”

“You don’t need to keep up with others, you just need to do what makes you happy.”

“Sometimes we’re hesitant to spend that money on ourselves or take that day off, sometimes we need it and it’s completely okay to do that.”

“The little things make the highest impact.”


Resources Mentioned:


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School of Greatness Podcast – Lewis Howes

Tony Robbins Podcast

The GaryVee Audio Experience – Gary Vaynerchuck

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