In today’s solo episode of The Daily Sweat Podcast, Ariana gives some tough love to her fellow entrepreneurs. She digs into the problems that are being solved by heart centered, service based business owners and how to better communicate the value of your services.

Key Points of Discussion 

  • How are you currently helping people?
  • Re-evaluating the language you use to connect to clients and communicate your message
  • Is the problem you are solving actually a problem people have?
  • Reflecting on your mindset when you were in the midst of your own struggle
  • Tweaking your offerings
  • Using market research to understand the solutions you provide and the clients you are trying to attract
  • What are information interviews and how to use them

Notable Quotables 

“Who is it that you help, what do you help them with and how do you help them?”

“We live in a society where we are so inundated with information…if we have to think about the meaning behind something, the vast majority of the time we are not going to take the time to think about what that means to us.”

“We communicate to somebody how we can help them and what we can do for them based on our current level of awareness.”

“That thing that is really easy to you and really natural is actually what the people are looking for.”

“You could have the most amazing program in the world but if your marketing doesn’t land with your ideal client and they don’t understand how you can help them and they don’t end up buying from you, then you don’t end up helping them.”

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