In today’s episode of The Daily Sweat Podcast, Ariana talks with Vanessa Vella, a mind-body coach. Vanessa, who works with getting people back into their body and out of their head. They dive into self-compassion and developing true body awareness.

Key Points of Discussion 

  • Vanessa’s realization that her passion wasn’t fitness but helping support people change and get more into balance
  • The lessons Vanessa learned in her transition from fitness coaching to life coaching
  • Vanessa’s philosophy of “not being a shithead to yourself”
  • Self-compassion as a strength and sitting with your feelings
  • Experimenting looking for evidence that counteracts your belief (s)
  • Tools to practice being kinder to yourself
  • The grip that the “worst case scenario” has on us and how to let go
  • Intentionally reframing your negative thoughts in a realistic way

Notable Quotables 

“You come to the gym to manage change.”

 “Anything you decide to do in life you put energy into – doing it in a hard-ass, negative way, actually requires more energy.

“Taking the self-compassionate route is taking the path of ease.”

“Go and explore the other side of your beliefs.”

“Emotions live in the body.”

“People really buy into this myth that things have to be so big and so hard all the time.”

Resources Mentioned:


Tim Ferriss

Brene Brown

Kristin Neff

Sharon Salzberg


The Subtle Art of Not Giving a F*ck – Mark Manson

Switch – Chip Heath

Connect with Vanessa



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