In today’s episode of The Daily Sweat Podcast, Ariana talks with Ashe Woodward, a Toronto-based brand strategist, speaker and the founder of Yolopalooza. She works with small business owners who are really going for it, helping them bring their businesses to a larger audience by crafting and spreading a unique message.  Ariana and Ashe dive into grief and resiliency as an entrepreneur.

Key Points of Discussion 

  • Ways to find time to process unexpected grief
  • How to balance authenticity to your audience and not showing up while in the midst of grief 
  • Inspiring others to be more open about their struggles
  • How Ashe’s business continues to evolve, especially with the impact of grief
  • Common roadblocks people encounter when being seen or heard
  • The importance of differentiating yourself through your message
  • Understanding hypnosis and its benefits

Notable Quotables 

“You have no idea how long grief is going to take or what it’s going to do to you mentally but you do need a plan of action.” 

“The thing about putting on that energetic personality, that has to be authentic- if that is not authentically you, that is never going to come out anyway.”

“Nobody is expecting you to share before you are ready.”

“Make your decision, business-wise, which platforms you want to be on just so you don’t get bogged down by indecision.” 

“Visibility also means sharing content and that can be scary.”

“Have your message be bigger than your fear.”

“If we dig a little deeper, we have tons of strength in there we can bring up and use.” 

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