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Does your environment inspire you or bring you down? Have you ever taken the time to audit your environment to see the impact it has on your life? In today’s episode of The Daily Sweat Podcast, I’ll be sharing a few key ways you can adjust your environment so it will inspire you to move forward in your life and your business.

Key Points of Discussion:

  • How your environment shapes how you show up in the world
  • The strength in softness
  • How you can alter your environment to be more supportive of your goals and aspirations

Notable quotes from the episode:

“Your environment shapes how you show up in the world.”

“Big shifts can happen when we soften and when we let go of that intensity.”

“There is strength in the softness.”

“Always pull yourself out of intensity before it burns you to the ground.”

“You being here means that your worth is inherent and you do not have to work so, hard all of the time just to be deserving of those things that you want because you’re already deserving of them.”

“Our genes can express themselves differently under different environmental conditions.”

“You are a sum of the five people you spend the most time with.”

Resources Mentioned

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