In today’s episode of The Daily Sweat Podcast, Ariana dives into her passion of business development and helping other entrepreneurs and small business owners find creative solutions. Ariana shares four things to consider before your next launch.

Key Points of Discussion 

  • Ariana’s own experience of learning from trial and error
  • The importance of resonating with your audience
  • Using questions when gaining clarity
  • The role of outsourcing for fine-tuning your program
  • How successful personal outreach can be, especially after establishing trust
  • Considering how YOU work best when creating a plan
  • How to best use a beta launch

Notable Quotables 

“It’s not always so much that our ideas suck- it’s that we aren’t reaching the right people, the people who really need what it is we offer.”

“I knew my intentions – I knew that the people I was reaching out to would also know my intentions.”

“Zero people said they saw a facebook ad for a coach and decided to buy their program.”

“When we spend so much of our time on the set up of those things, it actually takes us out of the process of actually of being in that launch energy- of being in that state of service.”

“When we slow down and we focus on the process, we focus on the people who we want to serve and we focus on being of service, rather than all the little nitty gritty details, that’s actually when things flow so much more easily.”

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