Happy New Year friends!

I hope you all had a fantastic night last night and aren’t feeling the effects too much this morning 😉 I worked until 11:30 last night, so after work Jordan and I rushed up to a little diner near our place and rung in the New Year with a milkshake! A pretty wild night if I do say so myself.

So now not only is today the first day of 2014 (yay!), it’s also the day I launch the sale of my training programs! As I explained in my previous post, these are generic training programs, meaning they are not customized to suit your specific needs and goals. Which is why they are only $10! They are great for those who need a little bit of direction in the gym or those who are just looking to introduce some variety into their current program.

This month’s program features a 4-day upper and lower body split and includes a cardio guide as well. Reps are in the medium-higher range to focus on building muscular endurance. Those of you looking to “tone”….this is for you! If you’ve ever been inside a gym during the first 2 weeks of January you know how hellish it can be, so these workouts require minimal equipment. You can do them at home or hide in your own little corner at the gym and there’s no need to wait in line for a free machine or bench! You can print the pages off (there’s only 4 to be as eco-friendly as possible) and bring them to the gym to track the stats of each workout. That way you can look back and revel in your progress as the weeks go on.

This program is suitable for beginners and those who have been at the fitness game for awhile, however I do recommend a general understanding of movement patterns and proper form to reduce the risk of injury. If there are exercises you are unsure about, you may contact me and I will point you in the right direction

To purchase the program, select the “Training Programs for Purchase” tab at the top of my page and click on the PayPal link. You will be directed to a secured PayPal site, and once the payment of $10CAD is made I will e-mail you the program.

I have also decided to give one lucky reader a free program! Comment below and tell me what your most ambitious goal for 2014 is. I will randomly select a winner January 2nd, so please leave either your e-mail address or link to your blog so I can notify you if you’re the winner! 🙂

So let’s start the year right and get our sweat on everyone! Thank you in advance to those of you who decide to purchase the program. I’m really excited to launch this venture and I hope the effort I put into this program does you well. If you decide to take progress pictures please send them to me so I can see! 😀

Have a great first day of the year everybody!!

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  • Elisabeth

    My goal in 2014 is to not rip my beautiful red Chinese wedding dress in August, when I have to kneel and stand up many times during our tea ceremony… Luckily I already fit into both dresses, but it sure would be awesome if my arms were strong enough to look amazing in them too! 😉

  • Robyn Salk

    My goal is to run in the Ragnar Relay in February dispite some setbacks due to reoccurring and nasty sinus infections! Never ran more than 4 miles and this will be 12 miles split up in 48 hours. But I’m going to do it and rock it! Also, congrats Arianana on these new training programs! I bet they are amazing… Just like you are!

    • happylifehealthylife

      That sounds awesome!! I’m sorry to hear about your sinus infections, but I’m loving the positive attitude. You’ve accomplished so much in the past year, those sinuses can’t hold you down!! And thank you so much 🙂

  • Heather Despins

    My goal is to push my body past its comfort point , lets see what I can make this 2 baby body do!!

  • Emily Fitness

    Loving your blog! Hope you had a happy New Year. 🙂

    • happylifehealthylife

      Thanks so much! Your’s looks pretty awesome! All the best in the coming year 🙂

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