This post is a little overdue…I’m halfway through month 3, but nobody’s counting, right? 😉

The Goals

I realized that my first month’s recap I had a section for “Goals”, but I never really mentioned what my goals were!

My A-Race is going to be the Subaru 5i50 in July. It’s the same race I did last year, but with a different name and a new location this year. I can’t say I’m terribly excited about swimming where boats are docked and float planes land, and the hill up Prospect Point is slightly more miserable than the Spanish Banks hill I’ve had to climb the last two years, but it’s close to home and it’ll be nice to try a new course!

My goal for this is obviously a big, juicy PR 😉 Last year I finished in 3:23 which I was SUPER stoked about, but I’ve been putting in WERK this year and am looking for bigger and better things. I’d love to shave 24 minutes off my time, with a big chunk of that coming off the swim. It took me 52 minutes to swim the 50m last year, A) because I went waaaay off course, and B) because I panicked about going off course and hung out on a kayak for awhile.

I’m already much stronger on the bike at this point when I was in peak season last year, so I know I’ll be able to shave at least a few minutes off my time. So a 24 minute PR seems totally reasonable! The real ambitious girl in me would love to hit a sub 2:50, but only time will tell…

I’m also going to be doing the Cultas Lake Triathlon in May. I had initially planned on doing the Sprint, but since training has been going really well I know I’m more than ready for an Olympic. I have a feeling a lake tri in May will be an icy shock to the system, but at least there won’t be seaweed.

The Nutrition

I’ve been eating a lot of carbs. Lots of them in vegetable-form, but probably more of them in cereal/bread/pasta form.

triathlon training

This plate of food is all I can think about during long rides

I’ve been feeling kind of bloated lately, but I think that’s probably due to the almost-daily chocolate/ice cream/muffins and not the starchy carbs. I need to get my shit together.

On a happier note, I mentioned in my last post I was trying a couple of dietary changes. For the time being I’ve stopped the vegan thing because it takes a lot of work and I’m really just not prepared to put the effort into it at the moment. I still go meatless a couple of days a week but I’ll eat a couple of eggs or use my collagen protein in a smoothie.

But the big change was adding a mild iron supplement to my daily regime. I haven’t talked about this much on here, but I’ve been feeling like SHIT energetically for over a year now. Always feeling tired, exhausted, and run-down. I had my iron tested last year and was on the low end of normal, but I was assured it was nothing to worry about.

It took a couple of training sessions that felt WAY harder than they should have for me to cave and buy some liquid iron, but within three days of taking it I felt AMAZING. Problem = solved.

The Training

My training felt way stronger during the second month, likely due to the iron. Right now I’m swimming 3-4 times per week, cycling/spinning 2-3 times per week, running 1-2 times per week, and am doing one strength training session a week.

It’s been a bit of a challenge to fit it all in while running a business, but it’s taught me to be time efficient if nothing else 😉

The only real setback in my training during month 2 was a flat tire at the end of one of my hill training sessions, which meant that I had to confess about not knowing how to change a flat to my coach. I figured this would be a good time to also confess that I still hadn’t put my clip-in pedals on (the ones I bought in March of 2015), so month 3’s recap will include dramatic tales of falling off bikes in parking lots.

triathlon training

But my tire got fixed, my IT band held up, and I made the jump from being the slowest swimmer in the pool to being the second slowest swimmer in the pool (FYI I’m now fourth slowest – WUT WUT). All in all, a strong training cycle that I’m super proud of.


Swim: 32.8km

Bike: 269km

Run: 36.75

That’s a lot of kilometers!

The Other Stuff

My mindset has been WAY better this month. I’ve still been training clients the same number of hours each week and I had the added workload of a launch, but things seemed a little less insane than they usually do. I’ve been more focused in my business and have let go of a lot of little tasks which has helped, as has scheduling my time to the minute. For real – my calendar has every task scheduled by.the.minute.

All in all I just feel a lot stronger. There were far fewer instances of wondering why the hell I was doing this to myself. I know it’s been a couple of weeks, but I can’t really recall thinking that at all during month 2! And spoiler alert – month 3 has gone well too 😉

I’ll be back in hopefully two weeks to recap month 3’s training!

How’s your training going? Any races on your horizon? Any super awesome sessions you want to brag about?

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