3 months down, who knows how many more to go 😜

During my first month’s recap I mentioned I was thinking of doing a fondo. The Whistler Fondo has been on my radar for a couple of years now, and I had convinced Jordan to do it with me told Jordan he was doing it with me.

So he was incredibly stoked when I discovered there was a half iron distance race in September! Up to this point I had only found those races earlier in the year, and I wasn’t really feeling ready to tackle one for June.

I haven’t committed to anything yet. The only thing that concerns me about a half iron is the run. The swim is only an extra 400m. The bike is only 90km and it’s my strongest leg so I know with some more longer distance training I’d be fine. It’s the run I’m worried about.

Because of my IT band issues my regular half marathon pace would probably not be much different than it would be in a half iron. But it’s slow. Like 2:30 slow. And I worry that I won’t make the cut-off time (even though I don’t know what the cut-off time is at this point!).

My IT’s been acting up again lately too. I’m not sure why, but it’s incredibly frustrating. One week I can’t even hit 7km without pain, the next I can run 12km no problem. I’m spending a lot more time with my roller and tennis balls and am trying to be a lot more diligent with my standing breaks to try to alleviate whatever’s going on in there.

triathlon trainingA thought occurred to me the other day. I talk about my journey of training for an Ironman as a multi-year thing. I’m not one to rush into things like this. I want to feel ready and to enjoy the process of training and racing.

And part of me wonders if a part of this journey is to take some time away from running to really figure out what the hell is going on in there. I’ve done the whole rest thing with no luck. Chiropractor, physio, massage, acupuncture. Clam shells, monster walks, single leg squats for days. These things have all helped, but nothing has made it go away completely.

I’m not ready to accept the need to do this yet 😉 But the thought has been planted.

Another thing that’s held me back from committing to the half iron in September is the training. I’m going to Italy this summer for two weeks and don’t want to miss out on day trips and chill time because I have to get a 90km bike ride in or go for a run. I definitely plan on renting a bike at least once and getting a few swims in the Adriatic Sea, but I don’t want to be stuck to a set schedule.

And finally, a teeny tiny part of me kind of just wants to chill out and enjoy my summer. The last three summers I’ve been working full-time and building a business. The four summers before that I worked in a stressful industry where summer was peak season. It’s been SO long since I’ve had a summer without an insanely rigid schedule.

triathlon training

Summer in the city

I want to hike and Grouse Grind and paddleboard and kayak and lay on the beach. I still want to swim and ride bikes and I guesssss run 😉 but do I want to do it on a set schedule?

I’m not sure yet. And fortunately, I have a little bit of time to think it over.

SO, with that being said – how has the past month of training gone?

The Training

My training has been going well. I’m getting stronger and faster on the bike and faster in the pool. My runs are meh, but at least I enjoy being out there when I’m doing them.

After Month 2’s issue with the flat tire, I decided that if I was going to admit to my coach about not knowing how to change a flat, I might as well admit the fact that I still haven’t used the pedals and cycling shoes I bought in March of 2015.

It took a few weeks after my initial confession for me to take the leap and put the new pedals on my bike, but I finally decided to take them out for a spin in a parking lot. It was a little scary but there was only one spill, so Jord and I decided to take them onto the road the following day.

triathlon trainingThe first stop light we hit I forgot to unclip and toppled over. It happened pretty slowly so I didn’t get any road rash, but both my knees got banged up pretty good and were sore for a few weeks afterwards.

But that became TOTALLY worth it when I realized how much faster I was going up hills! Man, what a difference those shoes and proper iron levels make.

My swimming has been getting better too. When I time my 1500m in the pool I’m about 19 minutes faster than I was in my race last year. Mind you I probably logged about 200 extra metres during that race, but still. Big improvement!

For the most part I’m feeling more streamlined, more efficient, and am hating it a bit less. But only a bit.

The Nutrition

I’ve been making an effort to reduce the amount of junk I eat, and it’s making a big difference. Don’t get me wrong – my diet is still more nutritious than it was when I lived off Sidekicks and boxed potatoes a few years ago 😉 But I’d been taking all those extra calories I’ve been burning as an excuse to indulge in a few more donuts and things than usual.

I figured it probably wasn’t doing any wonders for my sleep or energy levels, so I’ve been diligently working at reducing my sugar intake and eating more fruits and veggies. It seems to be paying off, because I ate ice cream for dinner on Sunday and felt like total crap on Monday 😜

The Other Stuff

All in all, I’m enjoying everything that I’m doing. I can’t necessarily say I enjoy the swim practices themselves, but I love the sense of accomplishment I get after a hard set or when I get out of the pool. I am LOVING my time on the bike, and while this whole IT thing is frustrating, it’s not a new frustration by any means and I kind of enjoy playing detective with it 😉

My next race is on May 29, so I’ll probably combine my next month of training with a race recap!

How has your training been going? Are you working towards any races? Just working at kicking butt in general?

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