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Today I’m excited to share a little glimpse at what a very special part of my business entails. Online personal training, while growing in popularity, is still a relatively new concept. And when I tell people that I coach women locally as well as virtually, I often get a confused look. “How does that work?!”

So I decided it’s time I tell you 😉


online personal trainingLocal vs Online Personal Training

Local personal training is just what it sounds like. I work with women (and a few men!) within the Vancouver area primarily out of Denman Fitness, which is my home base. I do a little bit of mobile training on a case-by-case basis, but 75% of my sessions are conducted at the gym.

The vast majority of my clients have a set time(s) they meet me each week, and I coach them through their workout which is customized to their unique bodies and goals. Depending how often they see me I may give them homework to complete in between sessions, and occasionally we will meet outside the gym for some targeted nutrition or lifestyle coaching. These are important elements of living a healthy life so we definitely touch on them during sessions, but when you’re in the gym with me, you’re there to work 😉

Online personal training, on the other hand, works a little different. Contrary to popular belief, I don’t coach my clients through a workout via Skype like I would when I work with a client in-person. Some trainers operate that way, but, at least at this time, that’s not how I do it.

With online personal training, my clients receive their fully customized workout programs through an app called Trainerize. This app houses their workout calendar, all the workouts within their plan, tracking tools to measure changes in body composition and progress in workouts, as well as videos that demonstrate each of the exercises.

The woman who signs up for online personal training is not required to meet me for her workouts at a set time each week, something women with busy, unpredictable schedules have found super helpful. Instead, she has the flexibility to fit it in morning, afternoon, or evening, but also the accountability that comes from knowing I’ll see if she doesn’t check-in for it 😉

The coach/trainee relationship is deepened through weekly or bi-weekly 30 minute Skype calls where we discuss the workouts, but also additional lifestyle factors – nutrition habits, motivation levels, common obstacles…think of it as a mini strategic therapy session.

Beyond that, women who train with me online receive the same love as the women who work with me locally. They each get complimentary consultations conducted either in-person or on the phone, completely customized fitness plans, and access to me in between sessions & workouts to ask questions or get a motivational kick in the pants.

So Which Is Better?

I wouldn’t say that online personal training is better than local personal training, or vice-versa. They both suit different needs, and it really depends on YOU!

There’s no doubt that working in person with a trainer is incredibly effective. Having someone there with a watchful eye is helpful for learning proper technique, and it’s much more difficult to bail on a workout because you’d rather lie on the couch when there’s someone waiting for you at the gym 😉

In-person training is great for women who are completely new to exercise or are intimidated by all the equipment. It’s helpful for women who struggle to push themselves on their own (however there are always ways to overcome that block), and there are some women who just prefer to work with someone which is more than a-okay.

Online personal training, on the other hand, is super handy for women who have busy, unpredictable schedules. Stay-at-home moms, busy professionals, or women who shudder at the thought of one more thing being added to their calendars (hi, that’s me) will all benefit from the flexibility of online personal training.

There’s still the accountability factor since I get a notification every time a workout is missed, and the weekly or bi-weekly coaching calls give you an opportunity to celebrate your successes and confess your sins from the past week 😉

I’ve had many a woman who claimed to not be motivated enough to workout on her own completely crush her online personal training program and move on to successfully coach herself.

What many of my girls have done, after a few months of working with me in-person, is transition to an online program to still get my programming assistance and support while having the flexibility that online personal training provides.

Oh, and it’s more cost effective. Working with me in-person runs for $70-$100 per hour, depending on the package that’s chosen. While it’s not a “budget” option, online personal training programs run for under $500 per month, with group online programs running at a substantially lower rate.

online personal training

One of my badasses who made the transition from in-person to online personal training!

I truly love working with my girls in the gym. I love seeing the sense of accomplishment they get as they crush a workout, and they might not know this, but any time I’m having a crappy day it becomes instantly better as soon as I’m working with them!

But I also love the impact online personal training has allowed me to make. I’ve been able to help women all across Canada, in the United States, and even in Australia! I’m no longer limited by geographic location, which is super cool 😉

So that’s just a little look at the online portion of my business! With the way technology is these days we have so many fabulous resources and tools at our disposal, and I think that instead of trying to shun them or limit our time with them we should use them to our advantage!

Interested in learning more about online personal training? Wondering if it’s what you need to help you reach your fitness and wellness goals? If so, book a complimentary chat with me. We’ll cover where you are, where you want to be, and what you’ll need to do to bridge the gap between the two. I’ll share more details about the different ways you can work with me, and then you can decide what to do with all that information.

You can book your call right here.

Have you ever worked with an online personal trainer? What are your thoughts about using all of this amazing technology to our advantage?

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