Looking to finally hit that PR you've been chasing for years?

Frustrated by nagging aches and pains?

Want to finish a run without feeling like you need a nap?

As a runner and triathlete, you’ve probably heard you should be cross-training. You might even already BE cross-training! But are your efforts enhancing that sport you love, or are they taking away from it?

When it comes to cross-training for endurance athletes, whether recreational or professional, there’s a fine balance between doing just enough to strengthen all the necessary systems and promote faster recovery, and doing so much that it hinders your performance.

As one of Vancouver’s only Personal Trainers that specializes in cross-training for endurance athletes, I’ve developed a training system that allows my students to get stronger, gain speed, and bulletproof their bodies.

my first 70.3 race

How I Can Help You

If you’re looking for a customized plan to get you across the finish line of your next race, check out my one-on-one coaching options, offered both locally and online. This option is also great for runners and triathletes who already have the swimming, cycling, and running down pat, but need a progressive and effective strength training program.

I also offer weekly group training classes geared towards runners and triathletes. Blending traditional strength training, rehabilitative exercises, pilates, and yoga, I’ve developed a unique and effective system that will help you bring your training to the next level.

Classes are held Saturday mornings in Vancouver’s West End from 10-11am.

Drop-In: $15+GST

5 Classes: $60+GST

10 Classes: $100+GST

Contact me today to reserve your spot.

Ariana’s Cross Training for Runners class has done wonders for my fitness. I started training with her ten months ago and I have been injury-free ever since. While keeping me injury-free is, indeed, a great result of the cross training, an even more positive outcome is the physical strength and stamina that I have gained. I just ran the Victoria Marathon and took eleven minutes and eleven seconds off of my previous marathon time. Thanks, Ariana!

– June

I fell into running in 2010 when living in the Yukon. I discovered that running was a much more efficient way of exploring my surroundings, and soon fell in love with the endorphin rush that accompanied it. In 2014 I was bit by the triathlon bug, and I’ve been addicted ever since!

In that time I’ve completed countless 5- and 10-k races, 14 half marathons, 4 sprint triathlons, 4 olympic triathlons, and 1 half ironman.

I meet all my athletes where they are, whether they’re looking to complete their first or their fastest race. We take a proactive approach to injury management, incorporating a number of rehabilitative tools and exercises before they become a necessity.