Movement doesn't have to be an uncomfortable experience that takes you back to your seventh grade gym class.

We’ve been led to believe that exercise is meant to be grueling and harsh.

That the only reason one would choose to engage in physical activity is to lose weight or change her physical appearance.

That personal trainers are there to do nothing more than count reps and yell at you for more push-ups.

Today’s popular fitness culture is divisive – groups on one side of the spectrum tell you to lift heavy weights in a CrossFit gym, and those on the other side tell you to take a barre class for long, lean muscles.

Everybody has an opinion about what the best form of movement is, forgetting that “best” is subjective and highly individualized.

That’s where I come in.

I'm Ariana - your Holistic Fitness Coach

WTF is “holistic fitness“? It’s a unique approach to physical activity that looks at the whole picture – you, your goals, your lifestyle, and how that all comes together.

I meet you where you’re at and take the time to truly understand where it is you want to go.

If you want to start moving your body but you’re not ready for the weights we’ll start with a walk.

If you want to run a half marathon but you’re on a time crunch, we’ll focus on key training sessions and skip the junk.

If you want to lift heavy-ass weights, then Sister, you’ll lift heavy-ass weights.

Not exaggerating when I say she’s changed my life! I’ve been working with Ariana for just over two years now, first one-on-one and now in her small group training and it’s been one of the best decisions ever.

I was SUPER nervous to start working out and had no experience beyond one sad 5k run clinic, but she is really approachable and helps make everything seem achievable and manages to push you without ever being pushy. Ariana is awesome at combining training and nutrition and wellness but tailored to your goals. She coached me through a half marathon and taught me I can do planks – believe when I say I’ve spent all my life believing both were impossible.

Her group training I HIGHLY recommend, especially if you’re just getting started with exercise – it’s not intimidating at all, it’s honestly so fun and you still get personal attention. She has different levels/options for everything we do depending on where you’re at, if you’re injured, etc so you don’t have to worry that you do your push ups from your knees or need to start with 5-lb weights.

– Chelsea

By working me, you can expect: 

✖︎ To gain clarity on what forms of physical activity will help you achieve your goals, in a way that excites you and inspires you.

✖︎ To feel a sense of accomplishment as you’re gently pushed beyond your limits.

✖︎ To become empowered to make decisions about what actions you take or don’t take that move you closer towards that vision of health you’re seeking.

✖︎ To find yourself again as you discover how strong you really are, both physically and mentally.

I offer online fitness coaching, allowing me to work with women all over the world. You can expect anywhere from 3-5 days of movement depending on your goals, usually including a mix of strength, cardio, and recovery.

Online fitness coaching allows for just as much accountability as in-person training, with a hefty dose of empowerment included. You’ll have unlimited email access to me throughout our working relationship, as well as a monthly Skype check-in so we can celebrate your successes and navigate roadblocks.

Within 72 hours of registration, you can expect to receive a sign-up link to access your app that houses your custom program which you can begin immediately. You can shoot me a message through the app at any time.

Craving the hands-on support that comes from working with a coach in-person? I also offer group training sessions in a private training studio in Vancouver’s West End, with limited spots available for one-on-one personal training.

Ariana is a dedicated trainer and in just 4 weeks I was able to see real transformation in my body. I enjoyed a variety of weight training and cardio options, which she had personally tailored to ensure I was getting exactly what my body needed to lose weight and gain muscle. She is everything in a trainer you could want – fit, friendly and supportive. I highly recommend her if you need a kickstart to a healthier you!

– Rulisha

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    *Please note I currently have a waitlist for one-on-one personal training.