I help women cultivate their inner voice so they can get unstuck and redefine their lives.

Hi – I’m Ariana, and I’m into moving my body, eating plant-based foods with the occasional side of bacon, and raising my vibration through meditation, writing, and pulling tarot cards.

I’m also a former alcoholic and spent the better part of my late teens and early twenties high on various mind-altering substances. But that’s another story for another day.

I was put here on this planet to help you get re-connected with your inner voice — the one you’ve likely been ignoring that knows what you’re really looking to get out of life.

I’m a dynamic being, one that can’t be packaged into a neat and tidy box; this is reflected in the types of content you’ll find here, ranging from inspiring podcast interviews to simple healthy recipes to a story about killing a swarm of bees that invaded my apartment.

So welcome to my world – a collection of contradictions that appear to make no sense, but damnit, do they ever feel right. I’m happy you’re here.  

The Professional Stuff

Business Coach, Life Coach, Fitness Coach, Writer, Speaker

The Life Stuff

Indigenous woman, dog mom, introvert, lover of movement. Tree hugger, magic lover, coffee fanatic, cycling queen. One of my favourite things is a full day ahead with zero plans but multiple opportunities.

Let’s Hang

Instagram is my favourite online platform, which you can find me @arianafotinakis If you’re looking for deeper connections with a tribe of amazing women, check out my free Facebook community, The Daily Sweat Tribe. For all other inquiries, check out the Contact page above.