FEED YOUR HEAD. I’ll send you weekly emails that will help you redefine the way you view yourself and this world.

As a coach and healer, I’m here to help you cultivate your inner voice so you can get unstuck and redefine your life.

Do you crave a clear path to get you from Point A to Point B?

There are no straight shots in life- no journeys that occur without both the rise and fall.

But the journey can be far more direct when you’re clear on where you’re going, why you’re going there, and what you need to do to get there.

As a coach, my role isn’t to tell you exactly what to do. It’s to help you find the answers that are already inside you, and to guide you as you take those steps towards a happier, healthier, more confident You.

I have a number of ways in which I can help you get unstuck and moving towards the life you desire; from fitness coaching to life coaching to business coaching, group workshops and more, I’m honoured to have so many tools in my toolbox that will help you along your path.

You can do, be, or have anything you want. I will help you overcome the limiting beliefs that are stopping you from embracing that.

Let’s make shit happen.

Love From My Girls

  • I've often thought of the kids story with the line, "I think I can, I think I can..." to spur me on with tough tasks. After participating in Virtual Boot Camp, I am able to say " I CAN!!!" My mindset has changed, my body has changed, my energy has changed, the soreness has subsided, I'm stronger, my husband has seen a difference in my physical appearance but also my attitude towards myself, food, life in general. I'm far more active and keen to be active, trying to spur him on as well. Thank you Ariana Fotinakis, thank you ladies of the VBC for your encouragement.

  • For people with physical limitations like myself, finding good and knowledgable trainer can be hard. Ariana has helped me improve my overall fitness . Workouts are well planned to suit your needs and always fun. From nutrition, yummy recipes, fun workouts and never-ending support, Ariana  is one stop shop. And if you have question or you feel stuck she is a phone call away. Hiring Ariana was one of the best decisions I made. If you want to have fun while reaching your Heath and fitness goal than Ariana is your girl .

  • Ariana is 100% there for me helping me get my physical and mental self moving and grooving. She always has a strategy for working around an obstacle. Ariana helped me get my mojo back. I feel so much better inside my body and soul. Ariana has taught me how to use the gym to my best advantage. Plus, she designed different sets of exercises for me that I can mix and match and use at the gym or outside...forever! Ariana and the fitness plan she led me through helped me find a wonderful new job and a whole new direction in life.

  • Working with Ariana has brought wonderful change to my body. I have muscle definition now and can feel my strength and endurance building with every workout. Visible improvements in my body keep me motivated to complete the next workout. I used to walk into a gym, stare at the weights and inevitably end up on a piece of cardio equipment for my entire time at the gym. Now I walk into the gym with a plan, and without hesitation of using the free weights or machines, which completely changes your experience of working out!

  • Ariana has been my trainer for the past year, and I couldn't be any happier. In high school I was very active, however due to injuries I got out of the routine. Ariana helped me get back on track, and working towards my fitness and lifestyle goals. She's such a hard worker and determined to ensure her clients are happy and getting the most out of every work out. I would recommend Ariana to anyone looking to make a change. I recently starting training with my fiancée and we really enjoy working out together. Thank you for everything Ariana!

  • Ariana is a dedicated trainer and in just 4 weeks I was able to see real transformation in my body. I enjoyed a variety of weight training and cardio options , which she had personally tailored to ensure I was getting exactly what my body needed to lose weight and gain muscle. It also meant there was never a boring training day.  She was professional and knowledgeable, showing me how to continue working out on my own to continue my fitness journey in a sustainable way. She is everything in a trainer you could want - fit, friendly and supportive. I highly recommend her if you need a kickstart to a healthier you!

  • After spending many years going to the gym and not really knowing what I was doing, I finally met Ariana! Before I met her, I was spending a fair amount of time exercising but my body was not really changing.  I often felt insecure being in a place with so many seriously fit bodies and had no idea how to get there myself. With all the technique, tips and tricks she has taught me, I feel fully confident walking into any gym and picking up free weights, barbells and kettlebells.  I have noticed very efficient progress working with her. I have lost inches of fat, gained muscle, and breathe easier.  I now feel fully confident walking into any gym and never feel hesitant workin’ up a sweat with the ‘Big Boys’  hehe!

  • The thing that really impressed on me the most about my experience training with you was how knowledgeable you are. I felt like you really understood the mechanics of my body and concerns as a runner and that was excellent. I would recommend your services to anyone looking to become a better/stronger runner, but really just anyone who wants to gain a really solid foundation in building their personal fitness.

  • Ariana is an amazing trainer and has helped me reach my goals. The results I have achieved are due to her perfect combination of diverse training methods, individualized exercise programs and challenging yet achievable goal setting. She has taught me to workout properly without injuring myself and work around the injuries I already had. She helps to motivate you when you are needing a boost and she knows just how and when to encourage and when to push, though never too much. I would recommend her to anyone in a heart beat.

  • What can I say, it is the best investment I have made for my health. Your workout program focuses on the whole body and has several key components to a well rounded program: strength, core, balance, resistance, and cardio. The benefit is awesome and the feeling of being a total badass (as YOU put it) as I head out the door in the morning is priceless. Thank you Ariana!

  • What have I gained from working with Ariana? My posture and strength have never been better, I am now comfortable and confident using gym equipment, my skin condition has cleared up, I have overcome the debilitating stress I was experiencing and am a happier person as a result. Seeing a personal trainer has been one of the best things I have done for both my health and happiness. Thank you Ariana for all that you do!

  • Ariana’s Cross Training for Runners class has done wonders for my fitness. I started training with her ten months ago and I have been injury-free ever since. While keeping me injury-free is, indeed, a great result of the cross training, an even more positive outcome is the physical strength and stamina that I have gained. I just ran the Victoria Marathon and took eleven minutes and eleven seconds off of my previous marathon time. Thanks, Ariana!

  • Remaining consistent has been my biggest thorn and these past weeks have taught me that it IS possible to take 20 minutes a day to look after myself. I've lost a few pounds but more importantly, my mindset has changed from "should do" to "want to do". I'm looking forward to more challenges from you!!!

  • I’ve really enjoyed workouts with Ariana. She has an inspiring commitment to being the best she can be and a passion to lead others to their own well-being – while having fun! With Ariana, I’ve felt challenged and supported to recommit to my own health and fitness. Being more active again is changing my outlook and my energy. This can only support the rest of my life, including how I show up in my own business. Ariana is fun, super energetic, has integrity, and a bigger vision for the world. I have no doubt she’s going to change the world, one fitter, fabulous female at a time.

  • Ariana focuses on your abilities and builds on them. Each week you get stronger and stronger. Though hard work, she keeps fun as an elementt of your workout. Her workouts are always a variety of exercises, which as women and those who like dancing, can even call choreography. She will make you feel success and want to keep coming back.